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Hello, I'm new here and new to the Skype For Business/Lync SDK. So I hope I'm posting this question in the right space.


So I added a presence indicator control to my Winforms app, and the weird thing is that after hovering over it to bring up a contact ca

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Hi all, Can someone tell me how long it takes for you to be admitted to the preview program? Cheers, Erwin
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@Saranya Yogarajah @Mirunan Gunarajah should be able to assist.  Sorry for the delay!

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I already waiting 3 months, don't you have to get it passed or cleared? Does anyone know who to contact for this?


Exciting news, PSTN Calling for Ireland and Netherlands has been added to skypepreview.com. PSTN calling is the service where Microsoft provide your user phone numbers directly from the cloud, acting as your “PSTN carrier”. Currently, PSTN Calling is gen

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Hello Tom,


Living also in the Netherlands like Steffan but can't get in the preview off the 50 users requirement. 


I even opened a ticket within Office 365 and they calle

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It's unfortunate (for us) that the lower limit is 50 users :(

We have a couple of users very eager to try this, but out total userbase isn't even large enough to qualify..... Read More
Anyone knows when we can expect this in Sweden? I know it´s hard to answer but let´s give it a try ;)!

Hello All,


Can the caller ID info for all users be the service number for the company? Dont want people calling back the number they see on the caller ID. Trying make sure all calls go through the auto attendant. We have nothing ON-PREM everthing is in th

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Is it possible for me to display the username and extension in the caller ID? For example 'First Last x1234'? Maybe the feature is on its way?

I second this request.   Having the ability to manipulate outbound CallerId's would be a very nice feature to have, either to point at an OnPrem IVR, an Third Party IVR o

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Why can auto attendant not transfer a call to a security group the same way as a call queue can ?

It appears that you need a service number for every hunt group or I am missing something ?


Also, is there a way to check how many monthly minutes are remainin

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Hi All,


I have recently started playing around with call queues in our environment and I am interested in additional call routing options beyond just ring everyone in the queue. I have found a few blogs that suggest that I join the preview program (example

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I am sure this is on the roadmap, but we're testing call queues and the callerID that an agent receives in a long GUID string rather than the original callerID.

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I have just raised a support ticket for this as it appears the features are now all Live now.
It doesn't appear to be fixed yet. We still see the Guid on incoming calls.
Same for us we still have the long guid

Yep we also see a rather long guid. 


Any indication when this might be fixed?

Should be fixed by now, could you please open a support ticket through online portal ?


Did Microsoft just test a new way to deliver missed calls and voicemails to Outlook?


For just 3 notifications yesterday they came in as actual emails!  Which means I can place a rule on them and send these notifications to a group of users! (call queue us

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When you say they came in as emails, do you mean speech to text conversation?
Are you using Exchange Server or Exchange Online for UM, or using Cloud PBX?

Is anyone else getting emails for this?


I'm getting the email that says "Please share your experience with <feature>!" as expected after being granted preview access, but, I haven't received an email inviting me to preview feature "Skype for Business Clie

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Hi Mat,


I can confirm that this survey was sent to all organizations who participate in any of our preview programs. We are looking to understand what custom applicatio

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Those interested in preview features might be interested to test and give feedback on the new consult transfer button in the Skype for Business windows client:


I did a quick blog post on it here: 


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Thanks for the nice script, but Insider Fast channel is a bit to touchy..

Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview Program! This community board is for you to ask questions related to this program. Myself and the Call Analytics Program Manager @Mohamad Saleem are here to review and help you out! Looking foward to he

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Hi Saranya & Mohamad,


I have a question about Trace Route (found under Call Analytics Overview --> Network --> (sub-header) Trace Route), and its relation to Average/Max

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Anyone else seeing a problem with Call Analytics ? Since yesterday I just get a blank page.

Hello @Saranya Yogarajah and @Mohamad Saleem- the URL I received in the "welcome to the preview" email is no longer working.  Is the site moved or down right now?

(And if

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Not sure how often you are checking this board @Mohamad Saleem?

I'm trying to upload our 1180 subnets to this Call Analytics tool so we can evaluate our more than 850 o

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Any webpage with help? I can't find the way to upload information to get reporting by Site. I guess you can upload sites and subnets. not sure if it use other database

We have an auto attendant set up to dial specific call queues based on what the person calling in dials. These call queues each ring specific distribution lists, on which if no one answers then the call gets forwarded to a specific user. I created a new u

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Hi Sam,


We had a similar issue when we began using SfB. I don't know if my solution will work for you, but I wrote a macro that runs on a timer, and runs a forwarding rul

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Hi Sam The Outlook rules unfortunately wont work. The One way i can suggest to do this is to give all your users shared permission to the mailbox of the user you created... Read More
Hi Sam, Could you open a support ticket on this so that we can capture exact scenarios to help with.Thanks!


I've noticed that call queues do not ring me on my mobile app but do on my PC.  Is this the intended functionality?  Any way to make it ring all available clients?

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Mac & Mobile are not supported yet but will be supported.

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Will SFB for Mac support the recording of Meetings as it does in the Windows version?


Thanks! Michael.

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Found the answer to my question here...https://youtu.be/Bi0-uSZjSTw?t=1128 Read More
it's not in the preview client. Hopefully that will be coming after GA at some point

As Cloud PBX Auto Attendant and Call Queues move towards GA (good job by the way!  Really liking these), what are the plans to start implementing the "custom greetings and music on hold and multiple routing options are available for flexible comfiguraiton

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In the video they also referance that a user can become voice enabled via power shell without a cloud PTSN sub. I cannot find anything on what the powershell commands to ... Read More
Hi Kit, Thank you for the feedback. we are working on multiple enhancements, will start to lightup soon.