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Can someone state when PSTN Calling for Canada will be available under Preview/GA?

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I am happy to announce that registration is now open on the Skype Preview site for the Canada Calling Plan Preview program. We will begin onboarding customers in the next

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Would love to participate in the aforementioned Q2-2018 PSTN-for-Canada 'preview'.

How does one join the beta?


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I had searched high and low for this and was admittedly getting more than a little frustrated...  Very much looking forward to this - please keep us updated.  Are there a

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What about Australia?

Great news, PSTN Calling for Germany and Belgium has been added to skypepreview.com today.


I don't see the Netherlands and Ireland anymore, does this mean they are going public?


Happy weekend!

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Hi There - Any update on Canada and support for the Calling Plan add-on?  

Thank you!


Any update on Canada PSTN Calling Plans?

Excellent.  Any idea when PSTN calling for Germany will be in GA?

Can someone state when PSTN Calling for Austria will be available under Preview/GA?



if we configure SfB Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling Plan telephone numbers in the preview phase even for our companies in US and FR, is it guaranteed that we do not loose

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Hi Guys,


Hoping someone at MS can answer the following questions about Skype for Business Mac (preview). 


  1. When will conversation roll up be available? In the latest build conversations still show as individual items in the chats list (16.0.3619). 
  2. When wil
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The new Skype for Business on Mac client has been released today.  We've posted about it in the blog, here:


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1. We are looking at options currently
2. Shortly after GA
3. You can change between Single and Multi-Window
4. No plans for PChat
5. Post GA currently planned for the end of... Read More
I think Persistent Chat will never come, it's still for the Windows Client "Feature Frozen", so i expect there will be some new things as a replacement.

Started testing the new Serial Routing in Call Queues; is there any way to change the order of agents for the Serial routing option?  It appears that it just applies them in alphabetic order, based on alias name; we'd ideally like to shuffle that agent or

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In case anyone else is working the same issue, support got back to me; the fix is a bit hacky: create a DL for each agent, (we're doing XXX_CQ_Agent-1/2/3/4), then assign... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Justin Kingston (Contributor)
Bump... opened a ticket with Preview on 11/17, still hasn't even been assigned to a tech.

I am only able to get a PSTN report to go back until June of this year and even though I request for it to date back to December of last it will not.


It there a way I can get a better date range through powershell or scripting?


Thanks in advance anyon

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if you are talking about on premisses, have you checked your settings in the Skype Control Panel?


If you purge your data after a specific amount of days you canno

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Remember seeing this in a changelog for the Preview Progam a while back; does anyone know if it actually has made it into the GA app available on iTunes yet, and as of when?

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We registered skype for business bot which responds to messages sent from users that are in the same domain as the bot.

When users from external domains send messages, the bot does not respond, even though users from those two domains can communi

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Have received the communications about Holiday Hours being live for Preview tentants, but still don't see the options in the GUI when adding/editing auto attendants (we do have the new CQ options, however).  What's the course to get the feature added?  Wo

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Not shure, but you could see if you can register here:

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Good Afternoon -- I've been attempting to create our first experimental Call Queue for the past two days.   I've listend to the Call Queue preview broadcast but still cannot seem to get any agents into my queue.


I've tried:

  1. Office365 Group
  2. Distrbution Group
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I am trying to configure my call queue with members of an Office 365 Group. I see in that this wasn't supported according to the creator of this thread. Is that still the

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Hi Mike, we have a known issue (for now) of 24hrs delay in DL replication. Is this DL created within 24hrs ?

Also would be great if you could open a support case through o

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I am sure this is on the roadmap, but we're testing call queues and the callerID that an agent receives in a long GUID string rather than the original callerID.

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This is already on RoadMap. Will be released for Preview first on September and then to GA in October.


Best regards.

I've raised three tickets regading this issue, two being closed without resolution.


The agent now looking at it has discovered a known issues document dated back to decem

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I am migrating my company to Skype for Business Voice from our previous phone system provider and everything has been working pretty smooth until now. I was able to setup

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We are also experiencing this issue, is there an ETA for the fix?

I've been through every option possible for this it seems. We've been wanting this to work as it should, but it is still just not ready yet.


As a workaround you can accom

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Welcome to the Skype for Business Community! My name is Saranya and I am the Program Manager overseeing the Skype for Business Preview Program. I’m excited to welcome you to the Preview space and look forward to your involvement.


If you aren’t familiar

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I cannot seem to find the enrollment option anywhere. Where can I sign up for this service, it would be a godsend to test the new call queue timeout functionality as

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I registered my company a couple weeks ago and haven't received an email or anything. Is the NDA required for access? The site nor this post indicates in a clear statemen

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I requested skype for business preview for mac but hasn't been accepted, how to get accepted?



i have deployed cloud connector and i want do use the call queues in the office 365.

can i use my local pstn number for call queues (line uri) ? or will that be possible with the new cloud connector Edition 2.1



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Should assigning an Org AA Service Number as the CallerID for a SfB user now work?


New-csCallerIdPolicy -Identity ServiceNumber -Name ServiceNumber -Tenant {removed} -CallerIdSubstitute Service -ServiceNumber 12674234538

In our tenant if we do the above th

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Hi Matt;
I don't believe this has been enabled just yet.. it is not part of the spec that I can see.

unfortunately, @MSP is OOF this week, he'll be back next week with a go... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Matt Landis (MVP)

I note that Call Queues are now in preview for Cloud PBX but currently require you to purchase a service number hosted in the cloud. We would like to setup 'hunt' groups for staff who are using CCE to make calls via on-prem SBC and SIP service. Can you gi

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Hi Ian, it is on roadmap , however we don't have firm dates when it will be available. In preview there is no support of CCE of hybrid voice via a Lync 2013/SfB 2015 pool

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Hello all, 


I really want to request that they add Voicemail to Call Queuing and Auto Attendant this is a important features for after hours calls for our helpdesk - is this possible to do?



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Any update on this for planning? We can't switch over till this feature is there.




Is there a status on this feature? 


BTW if you are interested in this feature, please vote this up!


(SkypeFeedback UserVoice)


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I watched "Skype Academy: Auto Attendant" (Link to YouTube Video) published March 28, 2017 on YouTube and it contradicts what I've been seeing with regards to AA and VM.


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I second this request and just coincidentally posted something related yesterday, looking for a workaround in its absence. This issue keeps coming up with clients that ar... Read More

Seems like you would need to have an email account with UM, Exchange 3 plan likely, and have a generic Voicemail AA account created. It is how we integrate with UM for 36

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I just sign-up for Skype for business preview program and wonder how long will take to be accepted.

Of course I sign to this  in hopes that the preview skype will work with my latest iOS 11.2. public beta2.

BTW on IOS there is no acceptance procedure :). 

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I'm currently testing the PSTN functionnality for Belgium and Germany and in the Auto-Attendant, I'm able to set the business hours of my company but I can't define the days for which the company is closed (summer holidays, Christmas, etc). For tho

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Hi Johan. Yes. its in internal testing now. will be released soon.

I want to automate Skype for Business client login with the specific credentials. Can I do it with Powershell?

I need to validate around 11 environments (i.e. with 11 accounts) daily. I want to automate what ever possible to reduce time on this redundant t

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Hi Nihar,


you can automate with the LyncSDK. It can be used from Poweershell as well. 

Search for Powershell and LyncSDK for samples.


Best regards


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You might want to look at https://bounsky.com/. It's not PowerShell - but it simplifies the challenge around switching profiles.

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Best Response confirmed by Nihar Ranjan Pradhan (New Contributor)

Is there any way to set up extension numbers for users (dial 301 for Joe, 302 for John, etc.) that could be dialed from the auto-attendant?  I know there are the recently added menu options (press 1 for Joe, press 2 for Sales, etc.).

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Isn't Extension dialing in preview now for dial plan feature? I know many are moving away from this technique though. Dialing by a name and not being able to do a 4-5 dig... Read More

I haven't tried this yet but I wonder if it would be possible to add the extension number into the user profile. In theory, I would think it would be part of the dial by

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Hi Matthew, Extension calling is not available.

Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview Program! This community board is for you to ask questions related to this program. Myself and the Call Analytics Program Manager @Mohamad Saleem are here to review and help you out! Looking foward to he

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I see that all tenant's get this preview now, which is awesome information by the way.  Is there anyway to increase the logging from 6 days to like 2 weeks or more?

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I see that all tenant's get this preview now, which is awesome information by the way.  Is there anyway to increase the logging from 6 days to like 2 weeks or more?

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Is there more details on how to understand the Analytics? I see person to person call for 18 minutes, it shows the call was dropped but there is no additional details.
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Hi Saranya & Mohamad,


I have a question about Trace Route (found under Call Analytics Overview --> Network --> (sub-header) Trace Route), and its relation to Average/Max

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Anyone else seeing a problem with Call Analytics ? Since yesterday I just get a blank page.

Is there a preview version available for iOS 11 beta users?  Any known issues and will Microsoft offer Day 0 support for iOS 11?

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Noticing an issue where a call goes into a call queue and when a windows 10 PC and a windows phone are both logged into SfB, the notification on the windows phone states the Name of the Call Queue in the popup, however on the Windows 10 computer, it just

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I am getting the same.  It is not until you answer the call, and expand the call window can you actually see who is calling you.


Our call queue members are going to loose

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Exciting news, PSTN Calling for Ireland and Netherlands has been added to skypepreview.com. PSTN calling is the service where Microsoft provide your user phone numbers directly from the cloud, acting as your “PSTN carrier”. Currently, PSTN Calling is gen

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Hi Tom


Is there any kind of roadmap of what is upcoming in the preview build ?

I was wondering when anything other than "toll free" will be available for service numbers i

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Hello Tom,


Living also in the Netherlands like Steffan but can't get in the preview off the 50 users requirement. 


I even opened a ticket within Office 365 and they calle

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It's unfortunate (for us) that the lower limit is 50 users :(

We have a couple of users very eager to try this, but out total userbase isn't even large enough to qualify..... Read More
Anyone knows when we can expect this in Sweden? I know it´s hard to answer but let´s give it a try ;)!

Are there any plans to support user configurable call forwarding and DND for a call group?


Here are a few scenarios:

1. There is a team of 5 customer service representatives in a call group. The entire team has a team meeting. They want to easily change a

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Could anyone help confirm if SFB Bot framework also in preview for tenants operated by 21vianet?


According to the bleow link, it should be under preview stage for global tenants:

Skype for Business Bot Framework (Preview)


However, it does not me

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