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We are only interested in having a few users able to schedule Skype Meeting Broadcasts.  How do we selectivly enable the capability on only certain user accounts?

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Yes you have policies for doing this

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-CsBroadcastMeetingPolicy |ft identity


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Hello all, 


I really want to request that they add Voicemail to Call Queuing and Auto Attendant this is a important features for after hours calls for our helpdesk - is this possible to do?



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I watched "Skype Academy: Auto Attendant" (Link to YouTube Video) published March 28, 2017 on YouTube and it contradicts what I've been seeing with regards to AA and VM.


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I second this request and just coincidentally posted something related yesterday, looking for a workaround in its absence. This issue keeps coming up with clients that ar... Read More

Seems like you would need to have an email account with UM, Exchange 3 plan likely, and have a generic Voicemail AA account created. It is how we integrate with UM for 36

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We seem to be having a problem with the call queues. They are configured and can be dialed, but it seems that randomly they will cease to ring any phones of users in them. We'll have people call and they get stuck in the queue listening to the hold

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Can you tell me if you are using distribution list or Office 365Group for the agents?

Is there any way to set up extension numbers for users (dial 301 for Joe, 302 for John, etc.) that could be dialed from the auto-attendant?  I know there are the recently added menu options (press 1 for Joe, press 2 for Sales, etc.).

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I haven't tried this yet but I wonder if it would be possible to add the extension number into the user profile. In theory, I would think it would be part of the dial by

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Hi Matthew, Extension calling is not available.

When I try to acquire a service number, the "Add New Number" page stubbornly tells me that I can't. The 0 in the above message is a link. When I click on it, it redirects me a a couple of times until I land on the licencing page. I do have an active E5 su

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I have a a ticket in as well...130 avail. and now we have 0 available. I have had a ticket in just over a week.

I am still waiting for support, but their initial response was:

"Currently there’s no way to automatically acquire service numbers. First thing you need to do is to port a

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I opened a service ticket right away as well on Monday that has been sitting there ever since. I can't believe that I have been waiting for this moment since February, No

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Do you have any Domestic PSTN licenses?

I noticied that our Call queue no longer states "in preview"  is it safe to say it is productopn mode?


We currently have a thrid party host our VOIP services so even though our users are all cloud-only based, our PSTN is classed as "on premisePSTN" I have

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Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview Program! This community board is for you to ask questions related to this program. Myself and the Call Analytics Program Manager @Mohamad Saleem are here to review and help you out! Looking foward to he

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Any webpage with help? I can't find the way to upload information to get reporting by Site. I guess you can upload sites and subnets. not sure if it use other database
What is the URL for the call analytics preview dashboard? I just saw on the skypepreview.com site that we were assigned to the preview a month ago, but I never got any co... Read More
is it available if the company subscribed to the preview?

At this point, is the Auto Attendant preview only include a basic answering system and dial by name directory? Is there a way to create a phone tree i.e. "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounting"? Am I missing a step or feature? is there a way to tie in

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it does seem the step one of Org AA is very preliminary, but that step needs to be taken. @Mohamad Saleem has an update on when we might expect Menus, ,etc? Read More
At moment no, i would expect that to be included in one of the future phases whenever they happen to get pushed out
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Hey there MS team and community,


I am just wondering if anything can be shared regarding the future reporting strategy / roadmap for Skype for Business Online, specifically relating to Response Group Reporting.


We (the company I represent) are developers

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This is also functionality we are looking for.  We would like to see basic info for total number of calls, abandoned, how long a call waited to be answered, and who answe

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We dont have anything to share yet, work in inprogress.



Just been trying it out this morning. It looks very powerful and I can see this being useful for our Service Desk in troubleshooting. Two queries:


1. I would like to upload our site information, I'm hoping this will help highlight locations that are h

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Hi Ian, Thank you so much for trying these options.

  1. File format is as same as used in CQD.
  2. Homepage showing error, it was a glitch in the system, should have been resolv
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Update: Managed to upload the site subnet info. so it does apepar to be the same format as the Call Quality Dashboard import. Next question ... what does at it actually d

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With Office 365 support?
Could you please open a support ticket on this. One of our engineer can check and share the details. Thanks!

Is there a way to specify that a ported phone number should be a Service Phone number for use with the Auto Attendant?

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If you have an existing service number, can be ported to online to use with OrgAA

I had set up a auto attendant on a toll-free number I acquired for it. Now, the AA is missing and the service number still shows that it is assigned to the missing AA, so I can't recreate the AA to use with the current number.

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Hey Mark, Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please open a support ticket through the admin portal so that one of engineers will take a look at this.

I posted this in the community and never recieved a reply. It would really be nice to have a response on it. (I suspect it is related to the roll out of Org AA but not sure). Thanks!

see here



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Hi Matt,


Looping in @Mohamad Saleem to see if he can assist with this (he is the Preview PM for Org AA).

MSP, is this related to the Org AA functionality?



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I just wanted to say our setup experience for the functionality that is currently on org aa is excellent! Love seeing org aa coming to life. Some more nuanced feedback:
-there are text to speech engines that make voices much more natural sounding than what

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Hey Matt - thank you for the feedback, can you add that directly here: https://www.skypefeedback.com/forums/358488-preview/category/181351-org-auto%20attendant. This way... Read More