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Noticing an issue where a call goes into a call queue and when a windows 10 PC and a windows phone are both logged into SfB, the notification on the windows phone states the Name of the Call Queue in the popup, however on the Windows 10 computer, it just

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I am getting the same.  It is not until you answer the call, and expand the call window can you actually see who is calling you.


Our call queue members are going to loose

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Exciting news, PSTN Calling for Ireland and Netherlands has been added to skypepreview.com. PSTN calling is the service where Microsoft provide your user phone numbers directly from the cloud, acting as your “PSTN carrier”. Currently, PSTN Calling is gen

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Hi Tom


Is there any kind of roadmap of what is upcoming in the preview build ?

I was wondering when anything other than "toll free" will be available for service numbers i

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Hello Tom,


Living also in the Netherlands like Steffan but can't get in the preview off the 50 users requirement. 


I even opened a ticket within Office 365 and they calle

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It's unfortunate (for us) that the lower limit is 50 users :(

We have a couple of users very eager to try this, but out total userbase isn't even large enough to qualify..... Read More
Anyone knows when we can expect this in Sweden? I know it´s hard to answer but let´s give it a try ;)!

Are there any plans to support user configurable call forwarding and DND for a call group?


Here are a few scenarios:

1. There is a team of 5 customer service representatives in a call group. The entire team has a team meeting. They want to easily change a

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I want to automate Skype for Business client login with the specific credentials. Can I do it with Powershell?

I need to validate around 11 environments (i.e. with 11 accounts) daily. I want to automate what ever possible to reduce time on this redundant t

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You might want to look at https://bounsky.com/. It's not PowerShell - but it simplifies the challenge around switching profiles.

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Could anyone help confirm if SFB Bot framework also in preview for tenants operated by 21vianet?


According to the bleow link, it should be under preview stage for global tenants:

Skype for Business Bot Framework (Preview)


However, it does not me

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When will PSTN calling be available for Preview in Australia?

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There is no public timeframe that Microsoft is committing to at this stage, unfortunately.

Hello all,


Does anyone know when and or if Hunt Groups will be coming to sfb preview (off prem)?  This is a major feature we need. Thanks in advance.

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Just a quick note - if you have on-prem PSTN and you move a hunt group member to Cloud PBX, then they will still receive calls through the hunt group.
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They are apparently very close to being in preview, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Does anyone know, if Trusted Application API includes something for call recording?

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This solution "Recite" provided by Numonix can help your needs.

It's a trusted application.

for more information: http://numonixrecording.com/skype-for-business-recording/


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Can someone state when PSTN Calling for Canada will be available under Preview/GA?

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What about Australia?
PSTN Calling for Canada will be available under Preview sometime in the second half of the calendar year.

I am sure this is on the roadmap, but we're testing call queues and the callerID that an agent receives in a long GUID string rather than the original callerID.

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I've raised three tickets regading this issue, two being closed without resolution.


The agent now looking at it has discovered a known issues document dated back to decem

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I am migrating my company to Skype for Business Voice from our previous phone system provider and everything has been working pretty smooth until now. I was able to setup

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We are also experiencing this issue, is there an ETA for the fix?

I've been through every option possible for this it seems. We've been wanting this to work as it should, but it is still just not ready yet.


As a workaround you can accom

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I have just raised a support ticket for this as it appears the features are now all Live now.

Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview Program! This community board is for you to ask questions related to this program. Myself and the Call Analytics Program Manager @Mohamad Saleem are here to review and help you out! Looking foward to he

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Is there more details on how to understand the Analytics? I see person to person call for 18 minutes, it shows the call was dropped but there is no additional details.
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Hi Saranya & Mohamad,


I have a question about Trace Route (found under Call Analytics Overview --> Network --> (sub-header) Trace Route), and its relation to Average/Max

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Anyone else seeing a problem with Call Analytics ? Since yesterday I just get a blank page.

Hello @Saranya Yogarajah and @Mohamad Saleem- the URL I received in the "welcome to the preview" email is no longer working.  Is the site moved or down right now?

(And if

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Not sure how often you are checking this board @Mohamad Saleem?

I'm trying to upload our 1180 subnets to this Call Analytics tool so we can evaluate our more than 850 o

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Hi @Saranya Yogarajah, Is there some API to get data from Call Analytics ?


The objective is to


a) "correlate" some usage/adoption metrics (quantitative) vs quality indicators from call analytics (qualitative)


b) or be able to agregate data per Country, De

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+1 Also being able to agregate data based on other system information as well as location. ie Audio Device, Video Device, Network Driver, Skype version etc, etc
Hi Eric, Thanks for the feedback. Work in ON , don't have any details to share for now.

We're currently trying to troubleshoot potential device/USB issues with our client base; being able to pull any calls that have dings for Device Issues would be invaluable for finding test subjects, etc.


Is there any means to get at this data in a differe

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@Mohamad Saleem Can you help to assist with this question?

Hello all, 


I really want to request that they add Voicemail to Call Queuing and Auto Attendant this is a important features for after hours calls for our helpdesk - is this possible to do?



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I watched "Skype Academy: Auto Attendant" (Link to YouTube Video) published March 28, 2017 on YouTube and it contradicts what I've been seeing with regards to AA and VM.


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I second this request and just coincidentally posted something related yesterday, looking for a workaround in its absence. This issue keeps coming up with clients that ar... Read More

Seems like you would need to have an email account with UM, Exchange 3 plan likely, and have a generic Voicemail AA account created. It is how we integrate with UM for 36

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We have the call queue set up to ring on both the desktop and mobile device in case the person is not at their computer. However, ive notice that if their iPhone is asleep for more than 20 minutes then the calls do not go through. The queue will ring and

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Did you find out anything else about our situation? 


My situation is that we have call queues set up and the agents all ring but none of their ios devices -excpet for one

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Hi Steven

SfB Mobile Endpoints are currently not supported with call queues. That could be the problem. 



How can we set the name that is displayed for outgoing caller ID? I have configured outgoing caller ID to use the same phone number for multiple users. But we are using some phone numbers that Skype for Business provided to us and they have the name of ot

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Hi Quentin, Can you please email skypeexp@microsoft.com with the issue and affected number information and we will route this to the correct team for assistance. Thank yo

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I'm currently testing the PSTN functionnality for Belgium and Germany and in the Auto-Attendant, I'm able to set the business hours of my company but I can't define the days for which the company is closed (summer holidays, Christmas, etc). For tho

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Hi Johan. Yes. its in internal testing now. will be released soon.

Using the new preview of the Call Analytics I can see that a call has dropped but it doesn't help me with why it has dropped.  We appear to have this happen a number of times which is of concern as to how we can diagnose the issue.


We have multiple users

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Hi Peter, reporting module is in the planning, don't have release timeline for now.

Hello Peter,


Although not a direct answer to your question about Advanced Call Analytics (Preview), you can access the user's session information via PowerShell and the Get-CSUserSession

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Are there any particular rules or guidelines that the UK follow when porting numbers that we need to be aware of? i.e. is a partial port allowed, are the turn around times expected to be the same?



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You can do partial ports but they must not include the Billing Telephone Number on your existing provider's account. If you nee to move that, then the whole range need

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Hi folks, 


I've been testing the Cloud PBX, AAs and Yealink phones (latest SfB firmware) but have come up with an issue, here is the config:

  • Users are signed-in on their desk phone and the Skype for Business for Mac App
  • AA with service number in Ireland
  • Opti
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I have a T48G with the same firmware. At the moment the Yealink phones are not compatible as endpoints from Call Queues. 


At the moment only the soft client version is

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Great news, PSTN Calling for Germany and Belgium has been added to skypepreview.com today.


I don't see the Netherlands and Ireland anymore, does this mean they are going public?


Happy weekend!

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Can someone state when PSTN Calling for Austria will be available under Preview/GA?



if we configure SfB Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling Plan telephone numbers in the preview phase even for our companies in US and FR, is it guaranteed that we do not loose

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Hi Erwin! Yes, The Netherlands and Ireland preview programs are now closed as we prepare for General Availability. 

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We utilize a third party answering service. I am trying to setup an AA so it will transfer calls to that number that is outside of our orginazation. Is this possible in SFB/O365? From what I can tell any calling/ringing/transfering must remain in-orginaza

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[Updated with better approach, 2-21-17]


I use a great virtual receptionist service called Money Penny. However, as stated above, currently OrgAA does not allow you to con

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Hi Sean, That is Correct, AT the Moment Call Transfer from Org AA or Call Queues is Limited to Internal Org Users only.

Hi everyone,

any news regarding this specific missing feature. We had to put our developers/customers off from month to month and now they are starting to investigate a working solution for this usecase.




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OMG, get this feature in! IM clients have had this capability for how many years now?

Hello Jorg,


We would not be able to send/receive the Images or attachments through/to the Skype for Business Mobile Application.


With Regards,


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Finally, I managed to update the Sites with all the subnets after all the hassle and errors.

Now, I would like to know what can I do with the subnets information pumped into the system?



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Same here. I hope we will be able to aggregate the outstanding Call Analytics reports by site in the near future.

Is there any (rough?) timelines for Call Park in Cloud PBX, or Common Area Phone licensing (as opposed to a full e3/e5 lic for these scenarios?).


Not seeing anything on FastTrack, but didn't know if a Preview Program for either featureset was in the works

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