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Hi everyone,

any news regarding this specific missing feature. We had to put our developers/customers off from month to month and now they are starting to investigate a working solution for this usecase.




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OMG, get this feature in! IM clients have had this capability for how many years now?

Hello Jorg,


We would not be able to send/receive the Images or attachments through/to the Skype for Business Mobile Application.


With Regards,


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I am sure this is on the roadmap, but we're testing call queues and the callerID that an agent receives in a long GUID string rather than the original callerID.

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I am migrating my company to Skype for Business Voice from our previous phone system provider and everything has been working pretty smooth until now. I was able to setup

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We are also experiencing this issue, is there an ETA for the fix?

I've been through every option possible for this it seems. We've been wanting this to work as it should, but it is still just not ready yet.


As a workaround you can accom

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I have just raised a support ticket for this as it appears the features are now all Live now.
It doesn't appear to be fixed yet. We still see the Guid on incoming calls.


Exciting news, PSTN Calling for Ireland and Netherlands has been added to skypepreview.com. PSTN calling is the service where Microsoft provide your user phone numbers directly from the cloud, acting as your “PSTN carrier”. Currently, PSTN Calling is gen

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Hi Tom


Is there any kind of roadmap of what is upcoming in the preview build ?

I was wondering when anything other than "toll free" will be available for service numbers i

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Hello Tom,


Living also in the Netherlands like Steffan but can't get in the preview off the 50 users requirement. 


I even opened a ticket within Office 365 and they calle

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It's unfortunate (for us) that the lower limit is 50 users :(

We have a couple of users very eager to try this, but out total userbase isn't even large enough to qualify..... Read More
Anyone knows when we can expect this in Sweden? I know it´s hard to answer but let´s give it a try ;)!

Finally, I managed to update the Sites with all the subnets after all the hassle and errors.

Now, I would like to know what can I do with the subnets information pumped into the system?



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Same here. I hope we will be able to aggregate the outstanding Call Analytics reports by site in the near future.

Is there any (rough?) timelines for Call Park in Cloud PBX, or Common Area Phone licensing (as opposed to a full e3/e5 lic for these scenarios?).


Not seeing anything on FastTrack, but didn't know if a Preview Program for either featureset was in the works

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Great news, PSTN Calling for Germany and Belgium has been added to skypepreview.com today.


I don't see the Netherlands and Ireland anymore, does this mean they are going public?


Happy weekend!

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Hi Erwin! Yes, The Netherlands and Ireland preview programs are now closed as we prepare for General Availability. 

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Hello All,


Can the caller ID info for all users be the service number for the company? Dont want people calling back the number they see on the caller ID. Trying make sure all calls go through the auto attendant. We have nothing ON-PREM everthing is in th

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Is it possible for me to display the username and extension in the caller ID? For example 'First Last x1234'? Maybe the feature is on its way?

I second this request.   Having the ability to manipulate outbound CallerId's would be a very nice feature to have, either to point at an OnPrem IVR, an Third Party IVR o

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Can someone state when PSTN Calling for Canada will be available under Preview/GA?

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Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Call Analytics Preview Program! This community board is for you to ask questions related to this program. Myself and the Call Analytics Program Manager @Mohamad Saleem are here to review and help you out! Looking foward to he

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Is there more details on how to understand the Analytics? I see person to person call for 18 minutes, it shows the call was dropped but there is no additional details.
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Hi Saranya & Mohamad,


I have a question about Trace Route (found under Call Analytics Overview --> Network --> (sub-header) Trace Route), and its relation to Average/Max

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Anyone else seeing a problem with Call Analytics ? Since yesterday I just get a blank page.

Hello @Saranya Yogarajah and @Mohamad Saleem- the URL I received in the "welcome to the preview" email is no longer working.  Is the site moved or down right now?

(And if

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Not sure how often you are checking this board @Mohamad Saleem?

I'm trying to upload our 1180 subnets to this Call Analytics tool so we can evaluate our more than 850 o

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Hello, I'm new here and new to the Skype For Business/Lync SDK. So I hope I'm posting this question in the right space.


So I added a presence indicator control to my Winforms app, and the weird thing is that after hovering over it to bring up a contact ca

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Hi Zachary, you can try the MSDN forum at https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/home?forum=communicatorsdk. However this type of issue is best supported v

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Hi Zachary,


Thank you for reporting this.  We are investigating and will let you know when we have a resolution.




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Recently, we used broadcast  to create a new event on https://broadcast.skype.com portal successfully and get a share link: https://join-apac.broadcast.skype.com/....


As a presenter, I joined this broadcast event with skype for business 2016 desktop clien

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Share the link from the broadcast portal, when a user isn't part of the event team they will only be able to join as an attendee, and it supports at least 10,000 attendee

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Hi All,


I have recently started playing around with call queues in our environment and I am interested in additional call routing options beyond just ring everyone in the queue. I have found a few blogs that suggest that I join the preview program (example

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Hi Shawn, Thank you for the interest. We concluded the preview program for call queues as its released to public. A new program will be launched soon for the additional f... Read More
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Why can auto attendant not transfer a call to a security group the same way as a call queue can ?

It appears that you need a service number for every hunt group or I am missing something ?


Also, is there a way to check how many monthly minutes are remainin

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Auto Attendant is to reach to a particular member, like an admin assistance.
Call Queues is to reach to any of available members of the configured group. yes, we need a se... Read More
Hi all, Can someone tell me how long it takes for you to be admitted to the preview program? Cheers, Erwin
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@Saranya Yogarajah @Mirunan Gunarajah should be able to assist.  Sorry for the delay!

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I already waiting 3 months, don't you have to get it passed or cleared? Does anyone know who to contact for this?

Did Microsoft just test a new way to deliver missed calls and voicemails to Outlook?


For just 3 notifications yesterday they came in as actual emails!  Which means I can place a rule on them and send these notifications to a group of users! (call queue us

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When you say they came in as emails, do you mean speech to text conversation?
Are you using Exchange Server or Exchange Online for UM, or using Cloud PBX?