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InfoPath alternative

Given the end of life of InfoPath, what is the recommended alternative going forward for new development?  We are looking at using Nintex Forms.

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Hi Talbot, The roadmap going forward is via PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. These products are not direct replacements for InfoPath offering a much wider canvas. It's likely, imho, that Microsoft will craft a forms product from the PowerApps and Flow platforms. I'm guessing more to be said at Ignite. Keep an eye on the Office 365 Roadmap too. Nintex is a strategic Microsoft partner is this area so may still be the right choice and InfoPath still has legacy support for some time but I agree not for new projects.

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You should take a look at FlowForma Pricing model is much more competitive and, allows you to build the Form / Workflow in the same designer.

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All depends on requirements, Nintex isn't a direct replacement for InfoPath, functionality wise yes but cost wise no. PowerApps will be your advanced user interaction experience included in the Office 365 licence, though there are many many other alternatives available.

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Depending on your requirements and timeframes, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and even the new Office forms might meet your requirements.


check out and find a bit more on it here:

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Nintex pricing is insane. We were considering making the switch to Nintex, but after meeting with their sales rep, decided not to hand bundles of money to them. I haven't found anything that is what I would consider to be a viable replacement for InfoPath. MS Forms is about as far from a sutible alternative as you can get. 

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Do you know if now there are some new programs or workaround that can we use instead InfoPath?

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We are now using Infowise. A lot cheaper than Nintex.

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You could also take a look at Lightning Tools or Skybow products, or StratusForms (The commercial version of Forms 7 which was a community solution, but is free for non commercial use.)



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SPARK is web-based forms builders that lets you quickly and easily create multi-lingual electronic forms within SharePoint environment and Office 365.

SPARK which refers to "SharePoint Advance Redesign Kit" allows users, designer and SharePoint admins to easily build highly professional forms in SharePoint platform simply by placing a rich set of drag/drop controls in a user-friendly editor which let them also controlling and configuring the control’s properties, style, validations, rules and formats and publishing these forms to SharePoint lists and libraries by just a click.

​Using SPARK, you can easily and quickly create and design controls in your form by dragging and dropping them in the design canvas. You can create simple forms and apply simple business rules without effort, also you create complex and logic-driven forms using OOTB SPARK functions, JavaScript, jQuery and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Using SPARK you decide the information your business needs and use a SPARK's controls, tools, bult-in functions, rules and features to design and update forms to your exact specifications.

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Which solution did you go for?

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Still using InfoPath, but seriously considering Nintex Forms.

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Hi All,


Check out Sintel Forms:

It is totally free up to 2 forms and very attractive unlimited form licenses. 


-responsive design

-custom layouts (including tabs)

-custom workflows and logic

-related lists (to replace repeating tables)

-export and import functionality ( creates the full list structure during import, also related lists)

-attachments (showing thumbnails )

-PDF export

-Ink Signatures

-ready form templates available to download


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ClaySys AppForms offers a very clean and more complete answer for InfoPath alternative. It does everything InfoPath does and much more, while removing the need for any custom coding and is built to run anywhere.  

Have a look at