Excel Table Talk - Episode 2

Olaf Hubel

This month I talk to @Carlos Otero about Get & Transform (Power Query) and the Data Model (Power Pivot). 




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Hi Olaf,


Do you in Microsoft consider the possibility to add Power Pivot to all versions of Excel? Taking into account

- you in any case has the engine inside the Excel;

- user interface to work with it is free for Power BI Desktop;

- in Excel without Power Pivot you may load data into data model (G&T or PivotTable); create relationships from UI; add measures using DAX (PivotTable); make more complex DAX calculations through Table->Edit DAX


All above is workaround and don't give full Power Pivot functionality, but workable. Of course, if you have statistics what quite a lot of people shifted from version like Home on Pro only due to have Power Pivot such separation could make sense. I'm not sure in that, but who knows. Only Microsoft.

Great Show. Looking forward to Episode 3.
Congratulations Ingeborg! Great Show Olaf - much better than anything on TV.
Good morning sir. i hope you will help me is this way: i would like to count criteria for exemple in colum j dependind on colun j, how can i do it
colum i depending on colum j

Are you looking to count non-blank cells or cells with a certain value?  Or both?


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