Outlook add-ins enable you to access apps and services you most commonly use - whether that's customer relationship management software, a work management service or a translator tool, right in email, so you can accomplish more, faster.


Today we are announcing an improved add-in store experience within Outlook, with a redesigned layout, improved search experience and quick start guides, so you can find the right add-ins more quickly and easily. 


    1. Redesigned layout and quick start guides helps you to quickly review all available add-ins, with a brief description. To enable an add-in, just click "Add", and the add-in will be installed. You can also access quick start guides that help you get more information on how to use the add-in.

      01 MAIN PAGE.pngThe redesigned add-in store within Outlook with the new tiles layoutThe "My add-ins" tab shows all add-ins installed by you including store and custom side loaded add-ins. The “Admin managed” tab will show all the add-ins deployed for your organization by your administrator, which you can choose to install.

    2. Improved search: We have improved relevancy of search results in the add-in store. Now, you can quickly search all available add-ins by add-in name or keyword. For example, if you type in a keyword like "contact" and the top related add-ins will be available for you at a glance.contact.PNGSearch by keyword like "contact" toquickly view top related add-ins at a glance
    3.    You can also choose to view all add-ins related to that keyword.

      conact full screen.PNG


We hope you like the new store experience in Outlook. We are eager to hear your feedback and recommendations on what other apps you'd like to see in Outlook at add-in store Uservoice .



Q. Which Outlook clients will the add-in store updates be available to?

A. These updates are being rolled out over the next few days. They will be available to customers using Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013 for Windows, Outlook 2016 for Mac and Outlook on the web with Office 365 or Outlook.com mailboxes. 

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