Collaboration Hacks from Real-Life Teams - Free eBook!

Susan Kim

Collaboration Hacks from Real-Life Teams - Free eBook!

Learn how companies have reinvented their workplace culture to compete in an information-intensive, interconnected world, where innovation happens in real-time, around the clock, across time zones and geographies.


Some things you'll discover:

  • The four traits of companies that have "hacked" workplace culture to empower employees with flexible, fluid ways to bring products and ideas to life faster.
  • How a recruiting company uses instant messaging and real-time, cross-geo collaboration to find and place talent across the globe, gaining an upper hand in the competitive talent staffing market.
  • How a multinational brand leader established a culture of collaboration across its 47,000 employee workforce, helping to eliminate redundancy and accelerate decisions.
  • How an insurance company empowered its global mobile workforce with the ability to work together seamlessly, with consistent productivity and collaboration experiences across devices.


Download this free eBook Collaboration Hacks from Real-Life Teams and find out how you can transform your workplace culture to align with the ways employees want to work together.



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