What’s new in Microsoft Teams – May update

Communicate more effectively with new chat functionality


Send a message from the command box

You can now send a chat message directly from the command box without leaving the page you’re on. Simply type the @ symbol and someone's name into the command box at the top of your screen and type your message to start a chat conversation. Thus, you can send a message without switching context.


Send a message from the command box.gif


Send a chat from a contact card

Another easy way to relay a message is to hover over someone's profile picture to send a quick chat right from their contact card. This makes it simple to switch from an open channel conversation to a private chat with someone.


Contact Card.pngHover over someone’s contact card to send a chat message

Dial out of (or into) a group call

Add someone from outside of your organization into a group call in Teams by dialing their number. You've also got the option of distributing a dial-in phone number so anyone outside of your organization can join. Remember, this feature is only available in group calls right now. 


Dial in manually.pngDistribute a dial-in phone number or dial someone’s number to add them to a group call


Collaborate more effectively


Get a reminder that your team is expiring 

You can now renew your team (and the underlying Office 365 group) directly from Teams. If your team is set to expire within the next 30 days, you will see a notification. You can then extend the life of your team by visiting ‘Settings’. Here, you can also proactively renew your team before the 30-day notice, (which can be especially helpful if you are leaving for a long vacation for example). (Please note that this feature is only available to AAD premium members and a notification will only show if your IT admin has set an expiration date for teams in your organization). For more details, visit this link.


set to expire.pngA notification will appear if your team is set to expire in 30 days or less

Expiration information.pngAccess team expiration information from settings

Auto-favorite important channels

Whenever a team owner creates a new team or channel, they can now auto-favorite important channels for the rest of the team. By doing so, the channel will automatically show up in every team member's favorites making it easy for them to discover and access the new channel. (Team members can of course unfavorite the channel if they want to).


Auto-favorite.pngAuto-favorite channels upon the creation of a team or channel

New views in Microsoft Planner tab

Planner has made some updates to integrate more seamlessly into Teams. With Schedule view, you can get an overview of upcoming tasks and drag and drop them to set dates.


view upcoming tasks.pngView upcoming tasks with Schedule view

In the Charts view you can stay up to date on the status of your plans.


Charts view.pngOrganize tasks with Charts view


Lastly, with the Filter and Group by options, you can now group tasks by buckets such as “Assigned To”, “Progress”, “Due Date” and “Labels”.

Read the full blog post announcement here to learn more.


filter by group.pngOrganize tasks using the Filter and Group By options


Add SharePoint pages, news articles and lists as unique tabs within channels


You can now use the SharePoint tab to place important pages, news articles and lists as individual tabs in a channel. This allows you to access and fully interact with the dynamic, data-driven pages and news articles and surface them right in the context of your work in Teams. You can fully interact with the content – including filtering and views for lists.


Adding a SharePoint page.pngAdd SharePoint pages, news articles and lists as tabs

Bring all your SharePoint team news into discussions – After publishing your news articles, you want to keep everyone up-to-date and automatically spark discussions directly in Teams. To enable that, you can now use the SharePoint news connector to have each SharePoint team site news article generate a new discussion thread within a Microsoft Teams channel. To get started, click on “…” right next to a channel, choose “Connectors” and then search for “SharePoint News”.


SharePoint Teams.pngConnect SharePoint team news to automatically start new chat threads per news item each time one is created from SharePoint team sites.

Read the full announcement blog post from the SharePoint team to learn more.


Work with confidence: new features for IT admins

Announcing the new Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center  

To enable admins to better manage the various aspects of the service, we have started to roll out a new Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center. This new experience provides you with a unified experience to manage both Teams and Skype for Business and will also incorporate Call Analytics and the Call Quality Dashboard.

In addition to giving you one place to manage all aspects of the service, the portal provides administrators with additional functionality, including new end-to-end insights and the ability to manage Teams settings on a user level.


Read the full announcement blog post to learn more.


Business admin center.pngManage both Teams and Skype for Business in the new business admin center

New features available on Teams iOS & Android apps

Enhanced Meetings capabilities

There are a couple new features that will enhance your meetings experience. Request a call to your phone from Teams to connect to a meeting and dial into a meeting when you only have a cellular connection.


Do more with Calling

Now, easily turn a 1:1 call into a group call, transfer a 1:1 call to someone else, or forward calls.


Create teams from mobile in Teams EDU

Teachers and students can now create, edit and delete teams on mobile.


Important update on Windows phone apps for Microsoft Teams 

The Windows Phone app for Skype for Business is being retired. After this change takes effect, new users will no longer be able to download the app from the Microsoft Store, and the app will no longer be supported. We will continue to invest in Skype for Business mobile apps for iOS and Android and also in desktop apps for Windows and Mac.


Read the full announcement to learn more.

Let us know what you think!

Try the new features and provide feedback using the feedback link in the lower left corner of Microsoft Teams. If you have suggestions on how to make Teams better, please submit your idea via User Voice or vote for existing ideas to help us prioritize the requests. We read every piece of feedback that we receive to make sure that Microsoft Teams meets your needs.


—Keara James, product marketing manager Microsoft Teams


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interesting thing is, we already have most of these features, but are still missing a few from the April update ;)


@Keara JamesI can only confirm what Ivan is saying, these features I've had for almost a month now but your "April update" is still not here. Any comment regarding these features that should have been released in Mars according to your roadmap?

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Do more with Calling

Now, easily turn a 1:1 call into a group call, transfer a 1:1 call to someone else, or forward calls.

  is this feature is enabled for mobile only or else across desktop app too . 

Occasional Contributor

According to Auto-favorite important channels, for the default general channel still can not edited to auto-favorite. But for other added channels they could be modified to auto-favorite. Is there a way to take effect to general channel?


 Good Updates!

It will make MS-Teams more user friendly. New features of Planner are already rolled in April and we are using it.

I am surprised with the decision to retire MS-Teams from window phone.

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Yeah, we too are still waiting for the April updates. there are some things in that update that we realy need before going fully for teams here.
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How can I forward the messages to other channel or other private group?  How can I quote someone as replying? Just like Whatsapp, Telegram, its very convenience and good users experience.  

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@chico.f chico.f - to answer your questions about general auto favorite, you don't need to set that, you cannot favorite/unfavorite the general channel, it's always favorited, so there is no need for that option on that channel :P. 


As for your 2nd question, you cannot forward messages. The proper way is to @mention another channel and bring those individuals to the channel your posting the message in. This works better because you are not duplicating messages. As for moving it to another private group, that isn't possible, you could get a link to a post in the ... assuming those same people in your private group have access to the message you are linking too. 


Quotes not possible, reply to the original message and @mention someone to bring the conversation to the quote. Otherwise screen snipping works great for that. 


Also, if you have questions about Teams, please direct them here in the Teams community so we can discuss the individual questions outside of this as it's related to a new release update, thanks! 




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Is there a way to export planner objects and import them into planner in a different team? I have not been able to find much info on this functionality.

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@Keara James we are still missing (like apparently many others) the April features. Can you please provide an update/direction as to what the delay is and when we might start to see these features?


I'm thinking the April update should have been published in June. On the O365 roadmap, Teams "out of office support" is listed as in development still with an estimated release in June 2018. So I wonder if it, and other updates made in April, were made a bit too soon. I'll look forward to seeing the OOO option in June!


RE: Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center  

You need to add "Teams" or "Groups" tab on the left in the teams admin center - so that admins can control the naming scheme of all corporate teams. for example we decided to add the string "teams" at the front of all groups so they are differentiated in the company outlook addressbook - but we as IT admins have no control over the naming - we have to speak to each team and get them to adjust it - which is time wasting.2018-05-14 19_25_12-Ms teams admin center.png

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Update on April update features are awaited....


Curious to know why this was posted here instead of the Teams Release Notes webpage...

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Most of the ones that are currently live are in the Release notes. This is things rolling out, not necessarily live yet. 

@Christopher Thanks for the info. I might suggest including this in the documents for the future. Thanks!