VSTS dashboards provides flexibility to configure charts and widgets to view status, monitor progress, share information and improve workflow processes. VSTS dashboards are now available to be configured in Microsoft Teams channels using the VSTS Extension. Once configured these dashboards will be available to all members who have permissions to see the dashboards in VSTS.


Adding VSTS dashboard is like adding any other teams tab. Select VSTS from tab gallery and connect to your VSTS organization. Once connected you can select the dashboard you want to bring into Teams and save. This view also allows you add Kanban boards to your channels.


VSTS 1.png


Once configured dashboard will automatically update whenever you open the dashboard tab in Teams. Top right corner you've an option to refresh manually as well. You can also have a conversation about the embedded dashboard within the dashboard view. Below snapshot shows both dashboard view and conversation in the single view





You can learn all about MS Teams and VSTS integration here


Hey! We have used this integration before, but after the switch from VSTS->DevOps we can not longer add it. The previously added tabs to Kanban-board and Dashboard works, but we can't add longer. 


Step 1 (works):



Step 2: Logging in with my credentials


Step 3: Select organization


Step 4: After selecting my organization we just get the following modal



We have also tried to do this from the browser, https://teams.microsoft.com, and when inspecting the DevTools Console we see a lot of errors. Is this a bug in the extension, or are we doing something wrong?

@Andreas Olsson, Apologies for the trouble. I tried to setup a new tab in one of my teams and I was able to select an organization and go to this step.



Could you please share the below details?

1. While selecting the organization, do you see the orgs listed in the format "<orgName>.visualstudio.com" ?

2. Could you please share the errors that you are seeing in the DevTools console?



Thank you for getting back so soon! 1. When I select the organization I don't see "orgName.visualstudio.com". What I have is "dev.azure.com/orgName". I can't attach photos/videos in the reply, so I have sent you a private message with screenshots and a screen recording.
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I am experiencing the same issue as being reported by Andreas.  I click Select Organization and a small window pops up where I am redirected to my organization's sign-in page.  Once I provide my credentials, I am prompted to select an organization from a drop down box (see image below).  After selecting one of my organizations within this secondary window, I am returned to the first window (VSTS) but the Select organization button is still showing and the Save button is grayed out (not able to continue).






Sorry for the issues you are facing. We are looking at this and someone from our team would respond soon. Appreciate your patience! 

question: in desktop version, when i open the VSTS extension inside a channel, load the browser web embedded, what is that explorer? if i open teams via Google Chrome works fine, but if i open teams in desktop version not work! 

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I have same problem too. I don't see my projects :(

After selecting organization, my window back to "Select organization"

I am switched  from xxxxxx.visualstudio.com  to dev.azure.com/xxxxxx

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I change one option. I go to settings of my organization , and go to overview and turned off second URL

We are looking into this issue and we will revert back at the earliest with an update. Thank you all for your patience!

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Hi Giridharan,


 to add our scenario, we are using VSTS ( DevOps) integration to add tab in Teams application - we are successfully able to see the dashboard items in Teams Web version but with the Microsoft Teams App (App version we can't see the DevOps dashboard.



This issue should be fixed now. If you are still experiencing it, please restart your Teams app. 

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for helping us fix the problem.

Thank you very much for your help, it works good now!

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The integration to a DevOps Kanban board works for us, but linking to a DevOps Dashboard does not.


We are able to add the link/integration to the Dashboard as shown in the instructions on this page, but when we click on the tab after it is added, the Dashboard tab just sits there (blank). We expect it to prompt us to authenticate ("Sign in to Visual Studio Team Services") to DevOps the same way the link to the kanban board does.



If we go first to the Kanban board tab and authenticate, then we are able to go back to the dashboard tab and it works as expected.

We need to be able to have our users go to the dashboard tab without having to first go to a separate kanban tab to authenticate.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We have figured it out and the fix should be deployed by tomorrow.

Sorry for the trouble.

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The last response to this thread is from September of 2018, and it states that a fix for the issue I am experiencing would be deployed the next day. I installed the Azure DevOps extension for Microsoft Teams last week (November 2018), and this issue persists. Specifically, I can view Kanban boards, but attempting to view a dashboard results in an empty tab.


Was the fix released? If so, where can I obtain it? If not, is there a projected release date for the fix and how will it be released to the public?


Thank you.

Mike Hofer, We are looking into the issue. We have identified a fix for it and will be rolling it out soon. Shall update on this thread once the fix is out. It would not take more than a couple of days.

@Mike Hofer, We have fixed the issue at our end. Could you please confirm if you are not seeing the issue ?

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@Giridharan Narayanan I have tested this in our Microsoft Teams environment and can confirm that dashboards are now working as expected.


Thank you for the timely response.

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@Giridharan Narayanan - We have added Azure Devops Dashboard to Team as a Tab - it works and displays the charts for a few Team members but not for others (it is blank). 


Could you please help?

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I have the same issue as @Mike Hofer reported - I have added the dashboard and it works fine for me, yet for one of my team members - it asks for his credentials and he cannot access the dashboard. 


Sorry for the trouble. We are tracking this issue as https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/374463/azure-devops-dashboard-is-blank.h.... Please vote on the issue if it is impacting you and follow the item for further updates. As a workaround, please use the browser version of Teams - tabs work there provided you are also signed in to Azure DevOps in another instance of the browser. Thanks!

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I was able to add dashboard once to one channel, removed it, tried to add it again on any other channel.

It fails with endless login loop. I tried restarting the app, web version, restarting the machine. Always the same experience. 


Please advise. 


recorded video: 




@baranovskye Can you please try clicking the 3 vertical dots next to the account name in the account picker (snapshot below), do a “Sign out & Forget” and then sign in again? Thanks!



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I'm trying to add a tab to connect to a DevOps dashboard from another organization (domain B).

Teams is setup for domain A.

To achieve this I have added my domain A user as a guest to domain B.

In DevOps (organization B) I have added the domain A guest user as team member of the project.


When I log on to Teams with my domain A user and try to add the Azure DevOps plugin to Teams and click on 'Select your organization'  I am not able to select the guest organization. The response is: Sorry, you have no associated Azure DevOps Services organizations. Only on the first attempt my organization A popped up, but without the option to select anything. 


When logging on to my.visualstudio.com with my domain A user I can select between the 2 organizations and when selecting the domain B organization I can see the the DevOps project, as expected.


I am stuck now.. Any ideas?



Hi @K3_MG70925 ,

   Apologies for the issue you are facing. Currently we only show the organizations to which the user logged in into Teams is either a member or an owner of. @Atin Bansal Could you please see if this a request we can add to backlog?


@K3_MG70925 Unfortunately, we do not support a tenant picker currently. Can you please upvote the uservoice item we have for this feature: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/35435974-vsts-connector-not-al...