As of July 1st we are happy to announce our refreshed version Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams online course.  Our latest free course provides IT Pros with important information on how to plan for and enable Microsoft Teams for their users.


MOOCs are Massively Open Online Courses that can be accessed for free for everyone to be training on different topics. Microsoft leverages EdX.org as a learning platform, where courses usually last about 2-4 hours per week over four weeks. This course includes interactive labs that enable learners to practice Teams administration in a live Office 365 tenant.  In addition, there is an option to purchase a certificate of achievement for $99 USD to verify the successful completion of the course assessments.  This is the first of several courses that we plan to publish throughout the balance of 2018.




The course will teach you about the following:

  • Enable users for Microsoft Teams
  • Configure Microsoft Teams
  • Configure audio conferencing with Teams.
  • Best practices for using Microsoft Teams.

Special thanks to Brandon Neeb for putting the MOOC together (with some help from @Bryan Nyce, myself and other members across Microsoft Teams Engineering).

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Great course!


Had a broader approach then I anticipated to the whole Teams experience and also went in to some differences compared to Skype for business.


If you're a "unified communications expert" and have been working/toying around with Teams then it's more of a refresh, but still good. If you're a novice then there might be some parts that will confuse you since it covers some deeper aspects of communication.


Cudos to all involved in making the course!



I am a MW CSM and finished this course. It's really fantastic and provided me such a better understanding of the admin responsibility with Teams. I also enjoyed understanding the basics and best practices. It will really help me during conversations around deployment of Teams!

Senior Member

I signed up for the paid certificate and the labs aren’t 100%. Scripts don’t run properly and steps are very different in the admin center. 

I submitted a help ticket through edX but they closed it saying they can’t trouble shoot these issues. 

Can you point me towards those who can?

I’ve been searching for a more private way to get assistance but haven’t had any luck. 

Thanks so much!



@Joy Turner, sorry that you had a bad experience. I will contact you offline.

Occasional Visitor

I am unable to access the course through the link above, and when I sign in to EdX.org do not see the course as a choice. Is it still available?


@Jeff Zwier, when I click on the link I see a large "enroll" button. Are you not seeing this?



Occasional Visitor

I do now. Thanks, must have been some intermittent issue on my end.

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I took this course based on this recommendation, and I absolutely loved it!  Very informative overview, and I am thrilled with the edX site.


Any recommendations for learning more in-depth information, preferably with certificate options?