Live events in Microsoft Teams

Today we are excited to announce the public preview of live events within Microsoft Teams. A live event delivers one-to-many video and content streaming to a large online audience while providing centralized control of the shared attendee experience. Live events now empower every organizer,

from Microsoft Teams users all the way to webcasting professionals.  Attendees can join the experience where they are: through Stream, in Yammer or in Teams.


In this preview, Teams will have the ability for organizers to create an event with the appropriate attendee permissions, designate fellow event team members and invite attendees.


 Live events with M365.png


Live event production: Organizers will ultimately have multiple choices in production methods:


  • Quick start. The quick start setting enables users to produce their live events using the Teams client. This option is best to facilitate remote participants or if there is a need to use USB audio/video devices connected to a PC.
  • External encoder (coming soon). External encoders can be used by producers to manage their live events with 3rd party hardware and software via Microsoft Stream.  The service will support studio quality equipment (e.g. media mixers) that can stream to a Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)  This option is typically used in large scale events such as company all-hands – where a single stream from a media mixer is broadcasted from multiple in-room inputs. This live event method will be available over the next month.  


Planning live events in Microsoft Teams.  Live events in Teams empowers multiple roles to successfully broadcast and participate in an event, including the following: organizer, producer, presenter, and attendee.


 Organizer. The organizer manages the live event end to end. This includes creating the event with appropriate attendee permissions, choosing the production method, inviting event team members and attendees and managing event reports. Event reports will include both recording and attendance reports.  With real-time captions & translation (coming soon), the organizer can also specify whether live event attendees can view captions in the supported languages.


Organize a new event.pngOrganize a new live event in Microsoft Teams


MicrosoftTeams-image (1).pngOrganizer view - production options

Producer. As a host of the meeting, producers ensure attendees have a great viewing experience by controlling the media sources that are sent to the event. Additional capabilities include:

  • Start / Stop
  • Share own video
  • Share participant video
  • Share active desktop/window
  • Select layouts
  • Chat with other event team members
  • View live attendee count
  • Moderate Q & A
  • Toggle captions on/off for live event attendees (coming soon)


Producer.pngProducer (Quick start) view

BYOE default.pngProducer (External encoder) view

Presenter. Presenters send audio, video and/or screen sharing into the live event that uses quick start production method.  A presenter can also moderate Q & A.


Moderator.pngPresenter view

Attendee. Attendees can experience the event live, using DVR controls or on-demand. Attendees can also interact with the presenters using Teams Q & A or Yammer. Microsoft Teams users will be able to join the live event from the web, desktop and mobile clients.


Attendee view.pngAttendee view

Optimize Bandwidth for the Enterprise Network.  Live events will support 3rd party eCDN providers including Hive, Kollective and Ramp (coming soon).  These providers partner closely with Microsoft and ensure users have a high-quality experience over your network.


What’s next for Skype Meeting Broadcast.  Live events with Microsoft 365 will replace the capabilities provided by Skype Meeting Broadcast.  For the public preview release of live events, Microsoft will continue to support Skype Meeting Broadcast, with no disruption in service for new or future events. We encourage you to try out live event in Teams to leverage new features including desktop/window sharing and use of 3rd party software/hardware encoders.


Try out a live event today as part of your Teams meetings experience. Documentation on live events is available for IT Pros here



@Heidi Gloudemans


Cool stuff!!

Is this a public preview available to everyone?  

It is rolling out to all tenants?


Valued Contributor

So, does everyone have to be a Team "member" to participate?  Or is the Team just the where the event is hosted and non-members can join?

Occasional Contributor

Will this be expanded to EDU clients? I know we were excluded from the Skype Broadcast feature so really hope that doesn't happen again with this.

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I saw this feature light up in Teams for me yesterday. Very exciting! However, when I get to the "Who can watch the live event?" section, the only options are "People and groups" and "Org-wide". "Public" is grayed out with "some of these options are disabled by your IT administrator". Will we be able to enable Public events during the preview, and if yes, what do we need to do as IT administrators to enable Public events?

Like @Stephan Swinford I'm curious if you can enable the Public option in this preview version. And if that is possible, how? :)


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I can see live events policies in our admin panel but I cannot create policies. Is live events only available for MS365 and not Office 365 like Skype Broadcast is/was?

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Awesome! Bye bye gototrainigs

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Same issue as @Jeff Bentivoglio I can see policies and able to create one but not save it. 


Live events are available in Office 365.  The management of live events in Teams and Skype Admin Center is coming soon.  In the interim, IT admins can manage the live event configuration and policies via Windows PowerShell.  You can find more information on the PowerShell cmdlets in: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/MicrosoftTeams/what-are-teams-live-events.  Thank you! 

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Thanks for this


@Brent Ellis regarding "So, does everyone have to be a Team "member" to participate?  Or is the Team just the where the event is hosted and non-members can join?", short answer is that they do not have to be a team member to participate.   In the preview, the live event can be created independent of any Team and the organizer can control attendee permissions - attendees can be anonymous users, authenticated Teams users in the company or members of a specific Team/O365 Group/Security Group.  

To recap: 

  • Organizer, Producers and Presenters do not need to be part of any team to participate in the live event as event team members. 
  • If organizer has set the attendee visibility to specific O365 group, then the attendee has to be a Team member to watch the event as attendee. 


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Not working here in UK (education organisation) although the option to create a Live event is there in Teams. As others have reported the policies arent there in the admin centre and so nobody can use it/test it yet. Any idea when these are coming to us in the UK?

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It is there for us, but we are missing the Q&A option. Is that functionality not yet part of the preview?

Here are the options we have:


Also recording does not seem to work for us. 

Wow, love the enthusiasm!
Documentation has been posted here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/what-are-teams-live-events

@Chloe Gilbert live events is available to most tenants, although not yet to Go-Locals (includes EDU). It will be coming later to those tenants.

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@Heidi GloudemansThat's a shame. We're not an ordinary EDU user, our organisation Jisc was set to enable people in higher education, further education etc  in the UK to perform at the forefront of international practice by "exploiting fully the possibilities of modern digital empowerment, content and connectivity". Our remit is to explore and recommend products and best practice back to the UK HE and FE colleges and universities. We are also the NREN for the UK network. I suppose we will have to wait a while longer before we recommend this back to the sector ;)

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Extremely excited about this advancement of Skype Meeting Broadcast (SMB). There are some missing features in SMB that I hope will be addressed in Team Live Events. In SMB, we have no way of knowing who is attending outside of our organization. It would be great to have either pre-registration for an event or an option to require that non-authenticated attendees provide a Name and Email when joining an event. Pre-registration would be very helpful for external events to help understand the number of anticipated attendees so we can plan accordingly for moderated Q&A.


PSTN dial-in for outside presenters is missing in SMB. So is the ability to dial-out to add a presenter. This is key.


Thanks for your great work!

New Contributor

I must be missing the obvious, if I start a live event linked to a Team where do the potential attendees see that there's live event they can join?

Frequent Contributor

@Sean Lakusta@Chloe GilbertI agree this would be brilliant for EDU tenancies for remote delivery and meetings across campuses and in Multi Academy Trusts.

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Will there be branding / skinning options for the web version?

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We are missing the Q&A option. Is that functionality not yet part of the preview?

Here are the options we have:


I do not see that the Q&A is part of the PowerShell commands




@Steve Spaw Q & A is in the process of getting rolled out. I will update this thread once the rollout is complete.  Thank you for trying out the live events functionality and providing your feedback. 


@Kevin Lutz - thank you for these asks! 

1. Pre-registration for live events - in the roadmap

2. Asking anonymous attendees to provide name & email - in the roadmap

3. PSTN dial-in for presenters - available now in preview 

4. Dialing out to invite other presenters - in the roadmap 

New Contributor

How many PSTN dial-in users are supported for live events? Does this follow the meeting capabilities of Teams at 80 users? 

What Caption languages are supported? We need more languages that the default English, Spanish etc. If we want to give more people access to video/broadcast we have to add more. 

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I frequently use Skype Broadcast and I miss a feature that lets me know exactly how many external participants joined the meeting anonymously (No Authentication). Is this possible in Teams?