Today we announced intelligent event capabilities in Microsoft 365 that enable anyone to view live events in real-time or on-demand, across devices. These new capabilities leverage deep integration of Yammer, Stream, Microsoft Teams, and the rest of Office 365. When intelligent event capabilities are deployed in Yammer over the coming weeks, you will be able to:


  • Schedule a live event directly from your community in Yammer
  • Use the dedicated event page in your community to drive sustained conversations with participants before, during and after the event
  • Attend the event on the event page, watching the real-time video and participating in discussion
  • Watch the event recording, on-demand, and review the discussion
  • Search the video’s automatically generated transcript to find and jump to specific content in the recording


Yammer in O365.png


Live events help you bring company gatherings – such as a “town hall” or “all hands” – to everyone across the organization, on any device, so you can effectively communicate news and updates and drive employee engagement. For example, during the Employee Engagement Summit, we shared how Microsoft drives transformation at scale and connects employees worldwide with our leadership team through monthly company-wide “Q&A” live events, while fostering sustained engagement and dialogue in Yammer.


Live events enhance communities of any kind, by bringing people together around important moments or topics. Where communities in Yammer foster and sustain two-way conversation, events add moments of high engagement to help communities take important steps forward toward their goals.


Over the years, we have been inspired by customers around the globe who are using Microsoft technology to bring these moments and communities together. TDS Telecomm recently hosted an event to honor their employees on Veterans Day at their corporate headquarters in Madison Wisconsin, using Yammer to allow remote workers to participate and watch the video through TDS’s Patriot Employees group in Yammer. People across multiple regions and departments instantly posted in Yammer to honor and thank the company’s veterans for their service, building a stronger connection and sense of belonging for veteran employees and advocates across the company.


We will share further details when live events becomes available over the coming weeks. To take advantage of live events in Yammer, your organization will need Office 365, with active deployment of Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Stream. To enable the solution, you will need to have Office 365 Groups enabled and Office 365 identity enforced. Live events are just one of the many innovations coming to Yammer as we deepen integration of Yammer and Office 365.


To learn more about the intelligent event capabilities in Microsoft 365 that we announced today, see: Announcing intelligent event capabilities in Microsoft 365.

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Great! Can't wait to try it out. Will this only work with Office 365 connected Yammer groups?

Valued Contributor

Pretty cool! Can't wait to try this!!!

New Contributor

This is fantastic! Love the integration and ability to access it via Yammer, Teams or Stream. Can't wait to get this up and running.


@Pooya Obbohat that is correct, you will need Office 365-connected groups.


This is one of the best coordinated cross-suite launches I've seen yet. This all looks so fantastic, and addresses needs that I hear from customers every day. Great job, team(s)!!


How do you get it to show inline with your Yammer feed like the screen shot above?  I'm able to start the event and a live event link gets posted to the Yammer feed, but when I click on the link in Yammer it takes me back to Teams.  What am I missing?