In January 2018, we announced Calling Plans for Canada was in public preview. Today, May 1, we are excited to announce the General Availability of Microsoft Calling Plans for Canada. Please contact your Microsoft Account Team or partner for details on purchasing.


All current Calling Plan features will be available to customers including domestic, international, and lower minute plans.  Canada’s domestic Calling Plan will include 3,000 minutes per user per month.


We are also offering an additional useful feature for US and Canadian customers. Any calls made between US and Canada users (in both directions) will be considered domestic, not international. This was a request we heard multiple times during the preview process. This will help customers further control costs.


It’s important to note that Calling Plans work with both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. You can buy today and use with Skype for Business in Office 365. And when you are ready to use calling in Teams, you can easily transition users.


Phone System and Calling Plans in Office 365 together enable calling for your organization, giving each user a primary phone number for making and receiving phone calls. Your organization can shift away from expensive telephony hardware to simplify the management of your phone system.


Getting started with Calling Plans

To acquire and use Microsoft Calling Plans, customers must have Phone System (formerly Cloud PBX), which is included with the Office 365 E5 plan and available as an add-on to other Office 365 plans. And if you are new to Teams, please review our quick start guide. You can learn more about geographic availability of Calling Plans here


Correction: in an earlier version of this blog, it was stated that minutes can pool across Canada and the US. This is incorrect. Pooling of minutes is by both SKU and country. Minutes are not shared across countries. We regret this error and any confusion it has caused. The blog has been corrected.


OH CANADA!!!  Amazing news!!!

Say what ??  This is great!!!  Good job Microsoft!!   "And calls made between US and Canada users (in both directions) will be considered domestic, not international"

Hey @paul, should we see the new Calling Plans subscription under  our Canadian tenants ?  I don't see anything yet ?

Ok starting to see some Calling Plans appearing… :-)








Is the 911 emergency screening service included for Canada like it is for the US?


911 calling is supported in Canada. As in US calls will be first answered by a responder that checks if users physical location matches their registered address given the mobility supported by Teams/Skype for Business.


This is fantastic, great white north!


I'm a Canadian User licensed and using E5 - looking to replace current third-party telephony provider and move to MS PBX.

Should I talk to MS sales? Since I'm already using E5 - would I just be purchasing calling plan and transferring phone number? 

Or is there a special PBX contact I should be talking to?

Great news BTW!



E5 includes the Phone System license for the PBX functionality. You just need to purchase a Calling Plan license and port in existing numbers.


This article may help: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/calling-plans-for-office-365