Service update notification

The service updates for Auto Attendant and Call Queues were completed successfully this week. The updates introduce new capabilities, namely:


1. Centralized holiday tables that can be reused across apps. You will find it under Org wide settings

2. You can assign Direct Routing numbers to Auto Attendant and Call Queues (as of today DR with AA/CQ support Teams users only)

3. You can assign a hybrid number to AA/CQ (in public preview)

4. You can assign Multiple numbers to an auto attendant or call queue

5. Round Robin routing option is introduced in call queues


The updates prepare the services as well for the upcoming features:

6. Transfer out to PSTN from auto attendant and call queues

7. Extension dialing from auto attendant

8. Voicemail shared mailbox for auto attendant and call queues


What to expect after the service update?

  • You can now create auto attendants and call queues in Teams Admin Portal
  • Your previous auto attendants and call queues were migrated to Teams Admin portal, and they should continue to work like before
  • If you have any auto attendants or call queues left in the legacy admin portal, they will be fixed by the service and migrated to the Teams Admin Portal. However, If they are associated with an on-premises resource account, there is an action you need to take. Check out the section How to fix my hybrid apps
  • You can no longer use the legacy portal to create new application instances
  • Previous application instances do not need to be licensed, and will continue to work as is
  • New application instances will require the creation of a Resource Account, licensing it, and associating it with your application instance. Only resource accounts with a phone number need to be licensed. You will need to use a user-based licensing temporarily until an app cost-free license model is available (ETA July 2019)

You can find the latest updates on the new admin experience and capabilities in the updated documentation:

Set up a Cloud auto attendant

Create a Cloud call queue

Manage resource accounts in Microsoft Teams

Known issues for Microsoft Teams


How to fix my hybrid application instances

If you still see one of more application instances in the legacy admin portal, that is because they need to be fixed in your hybrid environment, which we cannot do on your behalf. Once you fix them, they will be migrated automatically within a week to the Teams Admin Portal. To fix these application instances:


1. Log-into Skype for Business Online PowerShell

2. Run the following Cmdlet to return all auto attendants that were left behind




3. Run the following Cmdlets for each auto attendant instance to get the error message associated with it:



Get-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendant -Tenant <tid> -PrimaryUri sip:oaa_ fef4f2df1ef444428ce5760bba2434d2@contoso.com


Error message:


WARNING: 2019/05/03 02:21:59,DB42E00TAD02,Warning,Active Directory object used for locating the organizational auto attendant (sip:oaa_1c301d33aa4f4d3da911684a17055e48@contoso.com) needs to be created. If you have not already done so, please execute the following cmdlet(s) on-premises:


New-CsHybridApplicationEndpoint -ApplicationId ce933385-9390-45d1-9512-c8d228074e07 -DisplayName "AA1" -SipAddress


sip:oaa_1c301d33aa4f4d3da911684a17055e48@contoso.com -OU [A_VALID_OU] -LineUri tel:+4051112222


4. Follow the instructions from the error message and run the New-CsHybridApplicationEndpoint Cmdlet in your on-premises environment

5. Allow up to 24 hours for the objects to sync with AAD

6. To verify that the application instance was fixed, re-run the Cmdlet in step-3 to make sure no error messages are returned.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each application instance

8. For call queues, running the Get Cmdlet will return all application instances errors


Get-CsHuntGroup -Tenant 470d77bf-25be-42ca-9ed4-ff30831837f4


WARNING: 2019/05/03 02:36:06,BL20A00TAD06,Warning,Attention: HuntGroup configuration is not complete. In order to complete HuntGroup configuration, you must also run corresponding on-premises commands to create the relevant object(s) in your on-premises topology. Please copy and paste the below commands and run them in your on-premises Skype for Business environment:


New-CsHybridApplicationEndpoint -ApplicationId 11cd3e2e-fccb-42ad-ad00-878b93575e07 -DisplayName "Itentive Support" -SipAddress

sip:hg_f6e68f465a2e4f6fa92ab68493fff1de@contoso.com -OU [A_VALID_OU]

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How does Microsoft plan to account the fact that some organizations will need to purchase or reserve additional E1 and Phone system licenses to cover there resource accounts. Example to date we will need to order in 123 E1 and Phone system licensees to migrate from SFB admin center.  And with and active rollout we have a need today for around 10 more with in the next 30 days.




@Wayne Stuebing your existing auto attendants and call queues do not need to be licensed before migration, they will continue to work as is when migrated. Newly created resource accounts only need to be licensed if they have a phone number associated with them. The cost-free application license model is work in progress and we're planning to release it soon. 


What happens for companies that have IVR in Exchange 2013 OnPremise hybrid with S4B OnPremise hybrid with telephony and want to move to MS Team?. Is this type of scenario compatible with Microsoft Team?

For example. Maintain IVR in Exchange 2013 onpremise and migrate S4B to MS Team. Is it a compatible scenario?



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@Waseem Hashem  Thanks for the reply but this is now causing us issues. I have a case open with Microsoft on it but we had ports to Microsoft in play and now as of this morning we have numbers out of service as we cannot assign the number to the account.


We tested with setting up accounts with E1 + Phone System + Domestic calling plan and we still cannot assign a number to the account.  These are all Microsoft Service numbers I get that this change was needed to support things like PSTN dial out i assume but this was a very bad implementation again by Microsoft.

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The auto attendant list in the new interface is in random order, with no way to sort or search.    This simply won't work effectively.  (We had 12 pages of auto attendants in the old interface).

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On top of what Clinton just mentioned, there's also missing a phone number column and you now have to open each CQ/AA individually, to see the number that is assigned to it. Not very user friendly.


And if you are in the search text box you cannot use the HOME and END key on your keyboard because you lose focus of the text box. That is quite annoying. Please fix.

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Our previously-working call queues aren't working.

New call queues cannot be activated. Neither leaving unused licenses, nor explicitly assigning licenses allows selection of service numbers.

Come on, guys!

You change how things work, release incomplete features, publish documentation that isn't valid. How are we supposed to pass this to our customers?

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Bojan, welcome to the club. Except that we are already the customer. And also the Q&A, apparently. Two things that usually don't mix well. We already opened a ticket, but it's been almost two weeks without real progression.


@Wayne Stuebing  operational auto attendant should continue working normally after migration, and creating a new resource accounts with a license and service number in the new environment based on the documentation should work as well, if either one of these scenarios is broken please open a ticket for tracking and support can help you with that. 


As for the licensing requirement, this is not by any means a plan to monetize the applications, and we understand the inconvenience it introduced. However, due to the high demand for supporting hybrid numbers, multi-numbers, and all the benefits of the service upgrade we had to made the decision to not block these capabilities behind the app cost-free license model. 


@Daniel Niccoli please send me the ticket number in a private message and I will follow up on it


@Clinton Woodward - totally agree.  We're working on the search, sort & filter capabilities on the interface we use from Teams admin center to enumerate the Auto attendant list.  Because we're moving to a "lazy load" model for that table (making page load times lower for tenants with lots of voice apps) sorting the list locally doesn't work.  Thanks for the feedback!!


@Daniel Niccoli - on showing the telephone numbers in the AA/CQ summary tables.  That one is frankly tough.  The service design is such that you can have a single app being serviced by multiple telephone numbers - those numbers are managed through "Resource accounts" - essentially non-user objects that allow all the call routing stuff to operate as expected.  So one could have a single app that's being serviced by a dozen or more numbers.  Dig the flexibility but enumerating this in the summary table is potentially super confusing and could adversely impact page loading times.  As such we made the call have them only in the detail view of the apps.  That being said, there are a few ways we could design this so the information is still available from the summary page but would still require a click to get to - thus avoiding the long load time.  Would that help?


On the Home/End losing focus in the search box - I think you're right, as I've noticed some inconsistent behavior between objects across the site.  Which specific search box were you noticing the behavior being incorrect?

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@Waseem Hashem  I have a call open with support on this and there looks to be an issue. We still cannot complete the setup of new resource account as we are unable to assign numbers to these accounts even after using the guide on this page https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/microsoftteams/manage-resource-accounts?WT.mc_id=TeamsAdminCenterCS...


This is the error that happens when you try and assign that number.


2019-05-15 15_11_46-Window.png




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Was there some kind of heads up that all this was happening? My staff was completely lost today with everything moved around, lots of functionality half-broken, and the inability to create AAs we'd been planning for with a whole new process and licensing requirements in place all of a sudden. What is the timeline for transferring out to pstn and for extension dialing? Will there be the ability to transfer from cloud AAs to sip addresses (onprem response groups)?

@Wayne Stuebing send me the ticket number in a private message please and I will follow up on it. 


@Wes Lazara a message was sent to all tenant admins in the Admin Message Center and the documentation was updated with the new experiences 2 months ahead of the migration. all migrated applications should continue to work as is, if you have any of them broken please open a support ticket. 


Transfer to PSTN and extension dialing is work in progress, we expect to make them available by summer.

AA to RGS routing is a bit tricky since RGS does not have a resource account (disabled user object) to route the call to. If the call is coming from hybrid or direct routing number; you should be able to assign a virtual number to RGS and route AA calls to it using DR or hybrid routing, this scenario is being tested and will update the documentation with the process soon. Call coming to AA from a service number is not straightforward and need some code changes to support routing them to RGS. 

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Thanks Waseem, we will open a ticket. Would be great if the blog could post about the changes ahead (a follow up like this never hurts too) and the admin console itself maybe could broadcast them with some kind of banner... The tenant admin messages are nonstop - easy for stuff to slip through the cracks there.
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I have a ticket open but there appears to be an issue with Call Queues timing out.  For example, we have a call queue that should forward the call to another user if no one answers after 15 seconds.  It takes about 90 seconds before the call queue times out.  Interestingly, if we remove the call agents from the call queue, it times out at exactly 15 seconds.


On Tuesday, support told me they would provide a powershell script that would fix the issue later that day but am still waiting.

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What is the process of assigning a Direct Routing number to a Resource account for Auto Attendant? I tried Set-CsOnlineVoiceApplicationInstance cmdlet but no luck.

@Waseem Hashem Can you please share the Message ID of the message that was posted to the Admin Message Center? I watch it very closely and I don't recall seeing any advance notification about the change. Perhaps there's an issue with the Message Center in our tenant.


@Jeffrey Bladow this is a know issue under investigation



@Damian Kozlowski  you need to use Set-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity appinstance01@contoso.com -OnpremPhoneNumber tel:+14250000000, we are updating the documentation to reflect the right Cmdlet. 


@Ryan Steele The message (MC172533) was sent to all customers, it expired on 4/30 so it not in your admin center anymore. 

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@Waseem Hashem Thanks that worked.

@Waseem Hashem That Message Center notification was posted in January. In future, it would be helpful to have another notification closer to the actual migration date.


I should mention I am very grateful to have had the issue with answering Call Queue calls on a 3PIP phone solved, and we are very much looking forward to shared voicemail mailboxes and calling out to PSTN from an auto attendant!

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+1 for alerts closer to rollout. 2 months is an eternity given the pace at which you guys keep changing things. We have lots of broken functionality after this change, and support is telling us there were a number of provisioning mistakes made on the back end side - they are trying to sort it out now. Really hope this is not the new normal.
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Either fix the GUI, put out a service advisory, or explain to your support team how to resolve the issue.  ticket # 14398055 if anyone is interested in details.


"We can't load this resource account" "attempting to assign microsoft phone system service number to resouce account" for the next 10 years of google search results.

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@Waseem Hashem We also run into various issues. A message center notification in January that expires end of April for a change that happens md May is not helpful. Further we had OrgAAs loosing DTMF configurations with the migration. We really would like to ask Microsoft to better plan and communicate such changes in the future.

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"A message center notification in January that expires end of April for a change that happens md May is not helpful....We really would like to ask Microsoft to better plan and communicate such changes in the future." +1