Use Microsoft Forms from your favorite and familiar apps

Now integrated with the Office family, Microsoft Forms can easily collect information from your favorite and familiar apps.

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Forms for Excel

Forms for Excel, powered by Microsoft Forms, has replaced Excel Survey and builds a live data connection between Microsoft Forms and Excel. The responses you collect in your form will show up, real time, in your Excel workbook.



Forms in Microsoft Teams

You can now access Microsoft Forms directly in Microsoft Teams. Set up a Forms tab to create a new form or insert an existing one, create notifications for your form via connector, or conduct a quick poll using Forms Bot.



Forms web part for SharePoint

SharePoint has been widely used to share ideas and collect feedback. You can now use a Microsoft Forms web part on your SharePoint pages to collect responses or show survey results right on your site.



Find your group forms in portal

The forms you have created in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint team sites belongs the O365 group. In Forms portal, there is a new features, "Recent group form", where you could quickly access the group forms you have used recently.

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and I work Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Flow, Power BI for do more.

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So - is the Form data always stored in the SPO associated with the tenant? If so, can we then assume this service is compatible (right now) with government tenants like the GCC?

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What about Forms + Yammer?
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Nice article. Can we submit/save form data to a SharePoint list?


Hi Cedric,


We don't have native integration between Forms and SharePoint list at current stage, but you could try Flow to connect Forms and SharePoint list.





I have tried to create a form from an Excel online document.  It works until I modify the form, then the Excel connection is broken.  Responses register on the responses tab, but the Excel spreadhseet no longer updates.  How is the Excel/Forms link created and how can it be fixed?  


Hi Daniel,


Could you send your form URL with me via a private message?

I will find engineering team to investigate.