SharePoint web part powered by Microsoft Forms

In SharePoint, using pages is a great way to share ideas and collect feedback. You can now use a Microsoft Forms web part on your SharePoint pages to collect responses, or show survey results right on your site.
Add a survey to a communication site


Take a survey or show survey results on your team site



How do you add the Microsoft Forms web part?


Choose “Microsoft Forms” in the list of web parts on the SharePoint page.



Add a new or existing form.



For more details, see Use the Microsoft Forms web part.



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@Dan Holme@Mark Kashmandid this sneak out a bit early?
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 WOW! That's great news!


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I am assuming this will also be avaiable for us ON Premise Bums?


@Fernando MeloThe feature will be released in SharePoint Online, not avaiable in On Premise.

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Where is the data stored? Is a SharePoint list created in the background?

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@Bernd Verhofstadtno, according to https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Forms-Blog/What-is-Microsoft-Forms/ba-p/111019

  • Microsoft Forms data is stored in a compliant, Azure database in the United States and Europe.