Top 10 Actions to Secure Your Environment


I'm doing some research for a client project and came across this great blog series. Just wanted to share with all of you.


The "Top 10 actions to secure your environment" series outlines fundamental steps you can take with your investment in Microsoft 365 security solutions.


Step 1. Identify users


Step 2. Manage authentication and safeguard access


Step 3. Protect your identities


Step 4. Set conditional access policies


Step 5. Set up mobile device management


Step 6. Manage mobile apps


Step 7. Discover shadow IT and take control of your cloud apps


Step 8. Protect your documents and email


Step 9. Protect your OS


Step 10. Detect and investigate security incidents


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Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback, @adam deltinger.  :)


I just posted a companion infographic for this topic.




@jack_lee Hi I was working my way through this aweseome content however links are no longer available. Can you please look into and restore if possible. 

Thanks for your feedback, @Ewan Monro.


I just re-tested all the links and they seem to be working fine for me.  Perhaps clear your browser cache and try again.

Hi everyone,


I've taken this opportunity to add Steps 9 and 10 to this article, thus completing this article.  :)




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