*Updated* Syncing in Microsoft Edge Preview Channels

Elliot Kirk

Syncing your browser data in Microsoft Edge Preview builds
We heard your feedback and are committed to making sync a more reliable feature across devices. We’ve rebuilt our sync experience from the ground up and we’re making extra effort to ensure that sync meets your expectations. Our goal for sync is to ensure that you have a consistent browsing experience when you choose to roam your favorites, passwords, history, and other data across your devices.

*Updated* What is the current state of sync and what is the road ahead?

We’ve started with enabling sync for favorites when signed into your Microsoft accounts. You can now sync Favorites across Windows 10 devices, and across Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS (instructions below), and we have begun rolling out sync for SettingsIn the coming months, we’ll be enabling sync for other attributes like passwords, auto form fill, and history, and we’ll enable sync for work or school accounts. We understand that users work across several devices which might be on different platforms, so we’re working to ensure sync works seamlessly across all the platforms that Microsoft Edge will support. As we are building a new system, Edge preview builds are not expected to sync with earlier versions of Microsoft EdgeYou can import your existing favorites from earlier versions of Edge. 


Enabling sync on PC
When you sign in with your Microsoft account on Microsoft Edge Insider Channels, you’ll get a dialogue asking for consent to enable sync. Once you give the consent, your favorites should start syncing. Note that you can customize the sync behavior from the sync settings page.


PC_1.pngPC Sync settings

Currently, only favorites are available for sync. Additional attributes will be enabled on this page as they become available for sync.

Enabling sync on Android
Our Microsoft Edge app on Android can now sync with the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels. But first, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version on Google play.
To sync with Microsoft Insider Channels, sign in with your Microsoft Account, ensure that it is selected as your active account, go to Settings > Account and select your Microsoft account, then select Microsoft Edge Insider Channels > Switch.




After you switch to Microsoft Edge Insider Channels, you will be asked how you want to handle your existing favorites. You can choose to import and sync your existing favorites with Microsoft Edge Insider Channels. If you choose no, your existing favorites will be deleted before sync is enabled.



If you choose to import favorites, when you visit Favorites for the first time, you’ll see all your current favorites and they’ll start syncing with your Microsoft Edge Insider Channels on your PC.


*Update* Enabling sync on iOS  

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our sync support to iOS.  To begin syncing your favorites between you iOS devices and your other Microsoft Edge Insider devices, you must first update Microsoft Edge for iOS to the latest version on iTunes.  To sync with the Insider Channels you can follow similar steps as those listed above in the Sync with Android section. 

First you will need to sign in with your Microsoft Account, ensure that it is selected as your active account, go to Settings > Account and select your Microsoft account, then select Microsoft Edge Insider Channels > Switch. 



After you switch to Microsoft Edge Insider Channels, you will be asked how you want to handle your existing favorites. You can choose to import and sync your existing favorites with Microsoft Edge Insider Channels. If you choose no, your existing favorites will be deleted before sync is enabled.   


Once you have completed these steps you will see all of your imported favorites in your favorites list. 

What do you think?
We are excited about sync in Microsoft Edge Insider Channels and are very optimistic that we are building it right. However, we want to be sure that sync works across your workflows and browsing scenarios. Please give it a try and let us know how it worked for you. If you run into any issues, use the in-app feedback button to submit the details. If you have other feedback for us about sync, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for trying the new Microsoft Edge.

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This is great! Just did all the steps here mentioned and right now the sync status says "Syncing" Love it!! Will post again when it is finished...


@Elliot Kirk   Alright, here is my sync results........

Mobile favorites.jpg



Looking good....

@Elliot Kirk 


I get the following since this latest update, "Not Syncing" with error message "Couldn't connect to the sync server. Retrying..."


@Mike_BNL Can you please submit feedback using in-app feedback button so that we can look into it? Thanks for reporting.

@Elliot Kirk Thanks for keeping us informed of these changes.

Will do!

@Elliot Kirk I had some trouble getting this to work but it's synced correctly now.


My trouble occurred due to being logged in with both my personal and work accounts on Edge for Android. While logged in to both accouts, on the Account screen my work account page showed the text SIGNED IN TO MICROSOFT EDGE AS. I have no favorites on this account and am not running Edge Dev on that account - it's my personal account I wanted to sync.


Only my personal account page had the Sync option, and tapping it revealed both the Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge Insider Channels options, but tapping the latter did nothing as if it was greyed out.


I tried removing my work account but still could not tap the Insider Channels option on my personal account. I tried removing my personal account but it would not disappear from my list of accounts. I ended up going to my Android settings and clearing the cache and all data from that app to revert it to its fresly installed state.


I then logged on with only my personal account. The account page still did not say SIGNED IN TO MICROSOFT EDGE AS, but the Sync option now let me tap Insider Channels. I did so and shortly thereafter my favorites began to sync.


I've now re-added my work account and it again says SIGNED IN TO MICROSOFT EDGE AS. I don't know whether favorites I add in the future on my personal account will be synced to my Android.


Furthermore, when I open a new tab on Edge on my Android, my account icon at the top left corner displays a white circle in the corner with a briefcase icon. I presume this means it is logged on as my work account. I'd like to be able to choose which of my two accounts is the primary, or currently selected, account.

Is there no commitment to sync on iOS? I noticed the distinct -and disturbing- lack of mention about the platform in this post.
Thank you @demodulated for trying this, and I am sorry that it was so difficult. This feedback is really helpful, and I am getting it to the right team.
Hi @rjansen85. We have a policy of only talking about features and capabilities of Microsoft Edge that are already available to you. Please don't read too much into the fact that we haven't talked about features that are currently not publicly usable.

@demodulated thank you for trying Edge on Android. In case you are signed into Edge Android with multiple accounts, you can choose active account to be used by tapping on the profile picture on top left. If you have selected your Microsoft account here, you will be able to enable sync with Insider channels on PC.



Thanks for the tip about the long press. I did that and it worked.
Perhaps this functionality could be introduced with a quick popup every time you add a new account? It's rare that someone adds a new account so I think it's reasonable to give that tip every time a new account is added, as a reminder.
My pleasure. If I can provide additional detail please let me know. Edge is a great browser and it's a privilege to influence an improvement!

I am trying to enable sync on Android.  When I get to the Sync screen Sync is enabled and it shows Microsoft Edge (selected) and Microsoft Edge Insider Channels (unselected), but both are grayed out and unavaibale to me.  I have checked my version of Edge and it appears to me up to date (Edge  Android 9 build PPR1.180610.011

@Mike_BNL Mine says the same thing...I logged out and back in and it asked if I'd like to sync stuff. So I clicked "Sync" and it still says in nice red letters "Not Syncing."

@Elliot Kirk I've just enabled the feature. Mine says "Syncing to [e-mail address]", but there is no animation or progress indicator other than the static syncing image.

It would be great if some sort of active progress indicator could be added 😊


Oh... And thank you for making syncing work again so fast 😊

@Rahsna Asurac Thanks for the feedback. 

@Andy Burbidge Did you try following the instructions in as mentioned here - ? You need to ensure that your Microsoft account is selected as the active account. 

@Elliot Kirk For what it is worth: I'm more interested in syncing my iCloud bookmarks. Because Edge now can load Chrome extensions, I installed the official Chrome Apple iCloud bookmarks extension in both Edge Canary and Dev edition. Unfortunately the iCloud software doesn't recognize Edge with the extension installed as Chrome/Chromium. Strange enough iCloud does work with the Vivaldi browser (also based on Chromium).


Is there any information on this subject? I think lots of people use iCloud bookmarks and would see (both Apple and Microsoft) support for the new Edge browser based on Chromium.



I get the same error message on mine...  Happens on every computer with my primary MSFT account.  I can, however, sign in with a different account for sync and don't have an issue.

I didnt get the import options when I changed the sync options to the new Edge.



Strange, same thing happens to me. Only difference I can think of right now is that my primary MSFT account is also linked to my Edge on Android, with the preference set to Edge Insider build.

@Elliot Kirk I've mentioned this in a few threads, but it's been two weeks and sync is still not working for me. Syncing initially worked fine, but since version, it consistently tells me it can't connect to the sync server. I reported this two weeks ago in this thread, and last week I sent feedback through the dedicated button. 


Today I thought uninstalling and reinstalling the browser might help, but it didn't. I don't know what it is, but it just won't work.

@Mike_BNL  I have Edge as my default browser on Android with that same primary account signed in, but I had not changed the sync options over to syncing with the insider channels vs "old" Edge.


P.S.- I got the below message yesterday in email in what looks to be a response to my submitting the issue via the in-app feedback.  I don't see any change in the sync behavior, but maybe this is something they've fixed and is now in the canary builds.   I may try that on a vm here just to see.



Good news! On May 06, 2019, you shared with us this feedback:

I get a "Not Syncing" message when signed in with my primary microsoft account (happens on multiple[…]

We want to let you know that we recently fixed an issue that’s related to this feedback you’ve shared with us.

Thank you for helping us make Microsoft Edge better than it was before. We can’t wait to hear what you think of next!

The Microsoft Edge Team"

My favs sync seems to be greyed out. I've sign in/out several times. Uninstalled/ reinstalled several times and nothing. Any ideas? Cheers.


Annotation 2019-05-09 092539.png


Annotation 2019-05-09 092608.png





Have you, already, Imported your Favs to Edge C?


Thanks @Drew1903 I had.


Just playing around again, and disabling all blocking on the network and enabling all privacy switchers to ON and is seems to be working now and not greyed out. So maybe it blocked along the line or it's a fluke and after a few reboots etc it started to work.


Being greyed out does make me wonder if I had some deeper level group policy enabled that I was using for the kids accounts and one of the options may have triggered it as I reset all policies back to default, i'm really not sure.


Thanks again for the reply.



I'm still seeing Edge on my Windows 10 PC showing "Not Syncing".  In settings I can't update any of the sync settings (it's grayed out) indicating that it can't connect to the sync server.


I'm experiencing this on both of my PC, exact same error.  

I have setup my Android phone correctly as well, but that's not syncing for obvious reasons.


I'm running the latest Dev Channel build [Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)]



Hi @indospot, we have 1:1 help agents that can probably assist you more that I can on this forum.  There are links to help on the right side of the forum windows, I have also included the link here:, and select Contact Support.

I really hope that they can get you unblocked quickly.



@Elliot Kirk 


One neat suggestion for syncing:


  1. Enable edge://flags syncing between devices, optionally. We make tweaks to the flags and it's confusing copying them between systems. 

Chrome doesn't sync chrome://flags and Firefox doesn't sync about:config. That's always been annoying: I would love if Edge beat them at their own game.

@Elliot Kirk 


Two more that came to me:

  1. Sync our dictionaries, i.e., when we add new spellings to Edge's database. It's crazy some browsers cannot implement a synced word database in 2019.
  2. Sync the new tab page favorites. Nothing is more welcoming than all your previously saved favorites showing up on a new system so you can get going immediately.

@Elliot Kirk 

I am having a problem with sync. I have re-installed Edge Developer (Chrome) maybe 5-6 times. The last three times, I get a message at the user icon "Not Syncing) and in the profile "Couldn't connect to the Sync Server, Retrying..."

I followed all the steps above and Edge on my Android is synced okay.

On my PC, I cannot sync unless I connect with a different MS Account that I have,


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Bill Byrnes



We are aware that some users are running into error with sync. We apologize for this. Thanks for your patience, we are actively looking into this. From what we have investigated so far, you might not be able to recover from this error by usual client side actions like restarting or signing out/in. We will post an update once the issue is resolved.


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Hi @akhator 


Hopefully we will see an update for iOS to allow us to sync dev channels too with a switch?

@r33zA As an iPhone user, I can't wait for the support to come in. As a Windows 10 insider, I am not holding my hopes up that it's going to happen any time soon because Microsoft has been working on the Your Phone app for a very long time and it doesn't look like support for iPhones is going to begin any time soon. So if they haven't even started something worth testing on the Windows 10 side, I don't expect that they'll be much faster on the Edge side of things.


I have a Windows phone so Your Phone I haven't delved into it, of course.  But, it is/was my understanding (from what I've read & what Your Phone shows) that it supported both android & iPhone.  It this, actually, not the case?  I, too, am a Windows Insider, but, not only there, but, even 1809 Your Phone says it supports both. 




All it does for iPhone is allow you to continue reading a web page from your iPhone to your computer. Nothing more. And you know what? It's buggy as hell. Any hopes for more features are fairly squashed by the statement in the app that says "Additional features for iPhone are being considered for future releases."


Ah ok thanks, Nicol.  Organizing it for iPhones must be more challenging than for Androids, for whatever reasons. And in that same vein, I just noticed on the "What's New" for today's Build it only mentions & discusses Android.

Sync2 Aphones.jpg

Read the fine print 🙄 on the app, silly... and I think I did, way back when.  Still, appreciate you explaining

Annotation 2019-05-10 025655.jpg


Just don't get it. I'm running Edge preview on both the PC and Mac and they are working great, id be happy already to use them full time they work so nicely. I also like Edge on my my iPhone, but with out sync my OCD and not having my favs etc together isn't ideal.


MS are on a bit of a winner here and also have a great amount of hype going. You would think that they would want to get it out everywhere.


To be honest, they could just leave the current iOS app as is for now, just add the switch to sync between different channels, I doubt its too hard to implement in to the current version just to ask where to find the online sync database.

@Elliot Kirk  Just followed the steps this morning and am loving it. Saw another message about Edge Dev crashing while trying to sync, but I have not had any problem at all. Don't know if the speed tier would have anything to do with it but I'm on a Gig tier. 

@Elliot Kirk 


I have the latest Canary version on my computer.  I have just over 3000 favorites.  I set up Edge on my Samsung Android tablet running Android 8.0 and set it to sync.  The favorites did sync very fast and work great.  On my Samsung Android phone which is also running Andorid 8.0 I set up sync the same way as on my tablet.  It started to sync and has now been showing the status of Syncing for over 15 minutes and still hasn't synced anything.  What might be the problem?




I uninstalled Edge on my Samsung phone, reinstalled it, signed into my account.  I then went to settings and turned on sync again.  Same thing.  It started syncing, but the status has shown Syncing now for 15 minutes and nothing is getting synced.

Hi maybe this is the wrong place for it, but how do I remove all my favorite bookmarks in edge dev all at once

@bhenshaw That is strange, I just added this page to my Favorites Bar on the current Canary version on my computer. Opened my Note 9 which has Android version 9 installed, and when I checked my Favorites, this page was there without a problem and absolutely no delay in the sync process.



It is strange.  It works on my Samsung tablet, but not on my Samsung phone running the same version of Android.

@bhenshaw The plot thickens.  Just tried to sync on my Galaxy Tab S3 and it says it is synced but no favorites at all. I made sure I had the latest version of Edge and I have Android 8 version on the tablet, have no idea what is going on. I uninstalled the app on the tablet and re-installed and still no sync.



It thickens even more.  When I first set up Edge on my Android tablet (which is also a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3), it worked in that it synced all my existing favorites from my Edge Canary version on my computer to the tablet.  Now however, when I add a new favorite to my Edge Canary, it doesn't get synced to my tablet and I get an error "Can't sync (0x4)".

@bhenshaw Ok, just one observation, you do have your sync settings set to "Microsoft Edge Insider Channels" on your Tab S, right? Because I just changed mine to that and they synced without a problem.


Yes, that is the setting I am using on both my tablet and my phone.  Not sure why on my tablet the initial loading of all existing favorites worked, but subsequently added favorites don't sync.  Doesn't work at all on my phone.