Word task bar missing items

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office 2021 pro - I have updated the program.


I am trying to get a word doc into side by side so I can then edit/cut paste between pages.  I have tried using search to solve problems but what they tell me isn't on the drop down menu.  Example - to be able to scroll separately it says to click on side by side then click on "window" - there is no "window" there.  And then it says to click off Synchronous Scrolling but since there is no "window" there I can't click on synchronous scrolling there.


Also, I follow the directions to delete a blank page but that does not work.


And in trying to find a way to solve my problems I clicked on "edit" and now can not find a way to get out of it.


All in all, somehow I have completely screwed up word. 

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Don't worry about it - I just loaded LibreOffice Writer and did what I wanted in just a minuted or so. - jeb


Glad you solved your problem.

Side-by-side is under the View. tab.

For deleting a blank page, see Word’s Save Options by Suzanne Barnhill, MVP 

Tks for the reply - Got that - but it then says "window" which isn't under "side by side". I downloaded LIbreOffice and did what I wanted in less than a minute.