Word: table splitting across pages

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I have a table in word, I want all the rows of the table to remain in the same page when new lines are added above it. i.e. if of four rows, the last table won't fit in the page, the whole table should move to the next page.


I have followed the following steps:

  1. Table properties>row> uncheck 'Allow rows to break across pages'
  2. Select all rows of table and then Paragraph>line and Page breaks> check 'Keep with next'

For some reason the table still splits across pages

Note: The rows on the table have different heights

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@JitheshR select the whole  table  > go to layout tables > select properties option > go to row tab > unmark (allow row to break across pages) 

for tables within tables, note that selecting all tables within a table does not apply the change to them all



"Keep with next" formatting should be applied to all table rows except for the last one