Word table problem

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Hi. I have put a big table for writing the prices of products. But when i want to write the selected column fills the entire page and i cant do anything please help me with it
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@Mahdi555 If you turn on either table gridlines or table cell borders, does a cell go all the way to the bottom of the page? Or is the cell the usual size, but the next row is forced to the next page?


If the cells are all the way to the page bottom, the row height is probable set to a value (either Exactly or At Least) that's too large. You can change this in the Table Properties > Row > Size dialog. Select the whole table, go to the dialog, and clear the check box for "Specify height".


If the cells are normal size, the text paragraphs in the cells (at least the first paragraph) are marked as "Page break before". Select the whole table, press Ctrl+Shift+P to open the Paragraph dialog, go to the Line and Page Breaks tab of the dialog, and clear the check box for "Page break before".