Word: Table of Content - Chapter title is separated by page break from its "children"

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I have a problem with my TOC.

I use 3 levels of TOC - which align with Heading 1, Heading 2 and heading 3. My problem that in two cases Heading 2 appears at the bottom of the page with its "children" (Heading 3) on the next page.
How do I force the TOC 2 level to appear on the same page with TOC 3? I tried TOC - Modify - TOC 2 - Paragraph - link with next - but that didn't fix the problem.

This isn't relevant to TOC 1 as it appears only twice and never at the bottom of a page.
I think that somehow the TOC 3 is defined to be disconnected from TOC 2, but I am not sure where any of that can be controlled through the Edit Field - TOC - Modify menus.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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@Eroka00 Modify the paragraph format of the TOC 2 Style so that it is Kept with Next.  Make sure that the format of the TOC 3 Style does not have the Keep with Next attribute set.