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Hi ! I have an issue on a word document where the normal styles changes randomly to add numbers (up to 9 levels !) but the navigation panels shows the correct numbers... I have inspected the document and cleared all unnecessary items but the issue is still there! No macros, no XML added... Do you have an idea where this could come from ?word issue.png

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Is this Word for Windows? Click in a paragraph in Normal style. Press Ctrl+Q to remove direct paragraph formatting, including numbering. Does that remove the numbering? 

it is Word for Windows but it didn't work...



Are you able to share a sample document for illustration? (You should of course remove anything sensitive from the version you share.)

@Stefan_Blom Here is a sample (I removed anything sensible!)

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The major problem is that the Normal style has acquired multilevel numbering. This is a problem because Normal is the parent (based-on) style for many other styles, and these other styles will then inherit the numbering, creating a ripple effect of undesired numbering.






Click in a paragraph in the Normal style and turn off numbering by clicking the number icon on the Home tab. In the Styles pane (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S), click the arrow next to Normal and choose Update Normal to Match Selection. This will permanently remove the numbering.




For styles that should include multilevel numbering, set it up by following the instructions in Shauna Kelly's article at

thank you for your help !



You are welcome.