Word - sorting with pictures

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I am a dentist and I am writing some kind of a dental dictionary in MS WORD 2007. So basically I am writing the terms with explanations. I want all this to be sorted by letters A-Z. It's all ok, but... With some terms I want to add some picture. It is also fin, until I select all and push sort by letter. When I do that, text are sorted fine, but for some reason pictures go at the top of the document. So for example, if I write something in a word M, like MOUTH, and put a picture of a mouth beneath it, when I press sort by letters that word MOUTH goes in the right place, but the picture of the mouth goes at the beginning of the document.

So, my question is, is it possible somehow to like "group" word with a picture so that when I sort the whole text it goes combine, and not separately?

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