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I am having an issue which happens whenever I enter a specific Word online document.  The document is set up to have specific styles that we use.  Each time I enter the document the following things occur:


1. The formats change for example the first title should read "1. Introduction" but it resets to "0. Introduction" which impacts subsequent headings. (see below)



2. It receive the following message even though I have not changed any formatting.



This only seems to happen when I enter the document and not my other peers so is presumably an issue with my settings but I do not know what that issue is.


Any assistance you can provide would be most welcome.




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Is numbering properly defined in the document? See https://shaunakelly.com/word/numbering/numbering20072010.html.


If you can't get it sorted, you can share a sample document with the forum. Make a copy of your document, remove any sensitive content, upload it to (say) OneDrive or Dropbox, and post a link in this thread.


Note that if you are editing the document only in Word Online, chances are that the numbering will break sooner or later. Unfortunately, Word Online does not have good support for style-based formatting, especially numbering.



Thanks for your response Stefan and yes all the numbering is set up appropriately.  


I fear that your suspicion that this is most likely to be a product of Word online being difficult is probably the correct diagnosis but very frustrating nonetheless.