Word on Chromebook - Editor not working

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Hello, hope someone can help...


I have a family Microsoft 365 subscription so can access the fuller version on Word but online via Chrome as I have a Chromebook. 


Two issues (one that has come up as I'm trying to solve the other one!):


1) Editor has stopped working - it's saying it is working but no words are being underlined and nothing is being flagged. It doesn't calculate a score when you click on it. I've spoken to online support but they weren't sure so pointed me here.


2) I keep having a black circle appear on the screen. It means that text I type then disappears. My Chromebook has a touchscreen. I've checked the settings but it doesn't appear anything is enabled re cursor (I had googled this before and saw people saying about the cursor/touchpad settings but it doesn't seem to have worked.





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