Word Mail Merge - Table Number Formats

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Hello! I have a Word Document with Tables that I am trying to populate through Mail Merge.  When I use an Excel spreadsheet as my data source, the tables populate correctly, but the number format is incorrect (see attached example of the merged document).  Where the number I want may be 6.0, the merged document is displaying 6.00000000.  I can not find a way to change the format in the table cells.  

Thanks so much for your assistance.

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Hi @Gaye Dougherty


Have you tried changing the decimal points in the source Excel document?


You will not be able to change the way it looks in Word as it's drawing the data from Excel.


See if you can get the Excel source to drop to 1 decimal place and then do the mail merge again.


Please let me know how you go?




Word's mail merge brings in Excel's internal representation of number values, and it has no way to carry along whatever display formatting you've assigned in Excel. To control the formatting in Word, you must insert formatting switches in Word's MERGEFIELD fields. For instructions, see http://www.gmayor.com/formatting_word_fields.htm.