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After updating Office my macros stopped working for WORD (but they worked in Excel). Did an internet search which said that the problem might be in the Trurst options, so I verified that my settings were correct.
Called Ahamed who took control of my computer. He uninstalled WORD and re-installed it. Macros still did not work.
Then I called Nishant, who took control of my computer and tried to go back to a restore point. He said it would take about an hour, but after about five hours the procedure was still working on my registry. Did a hard reset. Got a message which said that the restore point operation had not succeeded, which I already knew.
Called Niel, who took control of my computer, but could not help so he directed me to this web page.

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One fine day, after updating Windows, my WORD macros suddenly stopped working. After consulting five people at Microsoft, none of whom could help me, I found the solution in collaboration with a sixth Microsoft support person named Jane.

The problem was the file Normal.dotm. I do not know what was wrong with the file – using a utility called scannow did not detect a corruption. Nor was the file read-only.

But we changed the name of the file. Then we opened WORD again. Naturally there were no macros listed. We created one. Which worked. WORD then created a new normal.dotm. Then it was simply a matter of creating the rest of the macros.

I periodically copy all my word macros and save them in a WORD .docx file. Thus I was able to restore my macros.