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Hello Tech Community,


I want to able to contol the numbered points in a word document, eg, 

  1. The space between the number and the first word?

  2. The space between 1. and 2., which I had to manually put in, as opposed to be able to prorgam it to do it automatically

  3. sometimes I want to create a tab within a numbered point, however whenever I attempt to do that and press return the whole numbered point gets shunted to the right. At such time how can i delink the subsequent 'lines 2, 3 or 4 so that I can control  the tab points and keep them in line?

  4. One solution that I was proffered was to create a table, however the drawback on that is that whilst in the process of creating the document I have not planned out the shape of the document, so to insert a table mid document will mean have to change the whole document, which would become a tedious process.

  5. somtimes i want to insert a sub to the numbered point, which i again like to able control as to how to place the subpoint
  6. I hope that I have clearly explained my above.

Thank you Tech Community

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See the article "How to create numbered headings or outline numbering in your Microsoft Word document" on the following page of the Late Shauna Kelly's website:





Do follow Doug's advice.

Once you have done that you may want to review Number Alignment by Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill.