Word fonts display - Update it

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[The portal dropped my first message for unknown reasons. This is unfortunate, so this message is kept brief and thin as paper]


Look at the screenshot. What you find is hundreds of fonts, that have been added in course of time (decades) to Word. For one this is good, a nice choice is given to users, but the downside is that all this is in format of a menu/settings/interface of ~2000s Word. In other words, nobody can really use this selection effectively. Fonts are neither displayed as full (samples, lipsum) and show no details (serifes, zoomable,...). The slider races(!) through the hundred fonts. All this is a matter of usability and could (should) be improved. Note that fonts are a design item in real world. Choice of font is massively impacting for resulting document, and thus font must be able to be precisely inspected before use, i.e., the interface/mask/menu should provide capability for slowly/smooth scrolling and full detail of fonts.


Please add this as a feature request. The menu is old, the list is overcrowded, and the user is confronted with a "click mouse scroll challenge" that is nearly impossible.


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PS. You add this as feature, not me. It is enough for paying Office users report such things.

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