word file very slow because of extra codes

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hello everybody

I have a word file that is very slow. I search for it and nothing help me to repair it, then i search for Constituent items of a word file.

I find that word files consist of xml itmes that I can open with winrar and edit inside of it with softwares like notepad.

in the file named document.xml in word folder i find my body texts. as I see, my file is full of below codes that is thousand of it:




I don't know where are they come from.

but when i removed them my word file work normal again.

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Hello, It's easy to get solved - At first may I know what type of device you're using?

Mobile: Backup and reinstall a new version of wps office
Laptop: Backup and check register editor - Follow instructions - Current version and install licensed MS Word Package.

@Rajesh_365 Your suggestion is ridiculous.

@smsyazdan It is not unusual for the document.xml component of a Word document to contain thousands of xml commands and sometimes, just extracting the components from the archive and the re-zipping them is all that it takes to overcome issues.

If you use the FirstObjectEditor to open an xml file, it has a "parsing" utility that will indentify any errors in the xml code.