WORD documents I open are READ ONLY only

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All WORD documents I open are READ ONLY only (Office Pro PLus 2019) .

I tried everything I found on the internet but without success.
What I have to do ?

Thank you.

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It could be the read mode of word processing in Word that without guarantees :)).

If you do not want to open the documents automatically in read mode but in the familiar normal view, you can change the standard setting.

Every time you open a Word attachment to an Outlook e-mail, it automatically appears in read mode. If you prefer to use the normal view, you can switch off the reading mode.

To do this, change the standard view in the Word settings.


Click on file (top left)

Option (at the bottom of the new window)

General (first chapter at the top)

Start options (stay on general) Find and remove the check mark from the box

[Open e-mail attachments and other non-editable files in read mode.]


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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