Word Document Version History

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I have been sent a document and would like to review the version history.  I know I am unable to do this by saving this onto my own desktop as the version will be created from this point.


Is there another way to view its history?  The document type is .docx

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Yeah, it's possible. there is the Version History option: Click File > Info > Version history.
Check here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/view-previous-versions-of-office-files-5c1e076f-a9c9-41b8...


Unfortunately it looks like the individual who created the document was not log in so no data is available this way.


Is there another way?

I think there is no other chance, unfortunately. Maybe this person can try to verify the version history and send you some versions, could be an idea/
You can only work logged from so on. :(


I was hoping something was contained and stayed with the document.  I can clearly see from properties window that the document has 7 versions what I can no see is its history.



Version History is only available for documents saved to OneDrive.



Unfortunately it looks like this document has not been saved to a OneDrive.  The document properties however clearly show ‘7 versions’ (see below).  What would create such revisions?




I take it you are looking at the file properties of a document in File Explorer? When I do that for a file I have edited today, I see a "revision number" property. I am not sure what that number means. I know that it doesn't imply the presence of backups, though.