Word-Document not saved

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I tried to save a word document. Somehow word was connected to OneDrive, so instead of saving the document on my computer it got saved to onedrive. 

Somehow during the last week i did click on the save button, but the document did not get saved properly. (There was an error message that word could not connect to Onedrive, but as i never used onedrive before i thought my document would stioll get saved).

I could open it everyday normally when i opened word, but the last version that got saved on OneDRive, was from the 11.05. Today i opened the document and instead of opening the newest version, it connected to onedrive and my old version from the 11.05 opened and I cannot find the newest version. 

I tried to find it in the trash bin, in old versions in word, etc. I cannot find my newest version anywhere. So is it now deleted and overwritten by my old version? Or is there any chance it is still on my computer? 

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@Scheissmicrosoft1 For the document in question, try right clicking on it in OneDrive and then on Version History and see if there is a more complete version of the document.


To divorce yourself from OneDrive, in Word, go to File>Options>Save and check the box for "Save to computer by default" and then set the "Default local file location".


Also best to check the box for "Keep the last AutoRecovered version if I close without saving" as that may save your bacon.