Word 365 on the MAC not spell checking comments

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This seems to be a very file specific problem that I have for one student who uses Word on a PC. Every doc he sends me does not allow spell checking in the margin comments. I don't think this is a PC problem per se, as I work with many other student files, all of which allow for comment spell checking. I am using the old-style comments in my copies of Word 365 and am looking for MAC specific instructions. I've followed several links on how to fix this issue on the PC side and I cannot replicate the functionality or the steps that those sites provide.


Lastly, for any PC-centric folks out there, are there certain settings that I can tell my student to watch out for on their end to avoid this problem? Thanks for any suggestions. Please see my replies below as I have more info, but still not solution.

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As a quick follow up to this issue, I've also just realized that these problem documents will not allow spell checking in the doc either. I've checked spelling and grammar options in Word prefs and also in the Language settings and the "Do not check spelling or grammar" boxes are NOT ticked. I'm running the same custom dictionary across all files, so that does not seem to be the problem either.
One more follow up. The owner of the file found the problem on their PC end: File --> Options --> Proofing --> uncheck two boxes at the bottom for hiding spell check and grammar suggestions. They are running Office 365, version 2202, Build 14931.20132.

I can find no way to see similar settings and as far as I can figure out, this should all be taken care of in the Word preferences on the Mac side.



Modify the Comment Text style and see if it has been set to "Do not check spelling or grammar." Clear that option if it has been selected for the style.