Word 365 Change Tracking - Word considers me a new Author, Word changes by itself

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Dear Word Experts,

I have three issues with the Word 365 change tracking that bug me big time.


1. Word considers me a new author when I open a document with my changes

I use the change tracking for draft specifications I'm working on. I go thru all the normal routines of affecting the function. The document is stored on my hard drive. I have checked the box "Always use these values of sign in to Office" in the Options dialogue. The document is stored as a docx. Now, when I re-open the document and modify changes I made before and which are still attributed to me as the changing author, Word considers me now as a new author. So instead of being able to simply change my previous (tracked) change, that action is treated as a new change. Why is that the case? Can I switch this off? Appears to be an unsolved  concern in previous versions. See here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/track-changes-function-thinks-im-two-people/3...

2. Word keeps tracking format changes even if I de-select that option. Again, I go thru the different menus for change tracking including the one called "Advanced". I am pretty sure that I de-selected any possible request to track format changes. When I save the document and re-open it, Word figures it's knows what I want and turns format change tracking on again. Why? Can I switch this off permanently? Again, I browsed the net, but didn't find a satisfying/ working solution.

3. Word tracking performs changes under my name. But changes I certainly never made. I work with a 360+ page document with a bunch of headings, macro functions to insert requirement IDs and what not. I use change tracking so that readers of the previous document have a chance to review my changes and I can later document all changes. For some unknown reason, Word "automatically" changes content. As an example I have Text fields with the content "Type". Word in some cases deletes the "y" out of it, marks it as a change and says I authored it. And it does so for many. In another example it changes headers by itself.


These things bug the hell out of me. My hopes are not very high, but maybe someone can help me along. Even having a feedback that says "yes, these are known bugs" or "well we figured these were super features, sorry you don't like them" would give me some peace of mind. It would at least prevent me from wasting time trying to fix this.

Sorry for the long post. But I am really frustrated....

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1. Indeed, this appears to be a problem that re-surfaces from time to time. You seem to have tested the usual suggestions, unsuccessfully. It is well worth posting in the Uservoice forum about this: https://word.uservoice.com.


2. When you have turned off format tracking in the Advanced Track Changes Options dialog box, you have to accept the formatting changes already present in the document. You can't get rid of them by just hiding them from view (the options at View > Show Markup are just for display).