Word 2016 template cut off / broken formatting

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There's a letter template we use in our company (it shows up when you click 'create new document'). It should usually look like this: 

Screenshot 2023-09-11 143817.png

 But I am the only one that it looks like this for: 

Screenshot 2023-09-11 143210.png

As you can see the top and bottom are cut-off and it's not formatted as DIN-A4 - without me having touched anything yet. My coworkers are using the same template and it works fine for them.

Any solutions?

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First, if this shows up when you start word with a new blank document, your company is doing it wrong in that this should not be the Normal.dotm template. That should have no content at all. You should be using a separate workgroup template for this. Here is a way to make that template be the one that is used by default for new documents.
Letterhead AddIn(s) - Default New Document 

If it is showing up as a choice when you use File > New, that is different and OK.

See also: File New Variations in the Versions of Word 


Second, check your settings which may be set to hide "white space." If this is the case, when you print, the entire letterhead will show up. Elusive White Space by Suzanne Barnhill, MVP 


Hey there! Thank you very much for your response. It really was the white space that was making the formatting look weird. I didn't even think about a solution as simple as this. It's fixed now. Again: Thank you!
You are welcome.