Word 2003: Normal.dot is NOT LOADED when a doc is opened, but IS opened if I do so manually.

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I've used the same Normal.dot to edit the same document for ten years or so.


At some point, the Normal.dot stopped loading when the document was opened.  I suspect there was a security update that disabled that for some or all templates on the grounds the file might contain a rogue and dangerous macro.


So, now I open my document and reflexively type alt-TIG space return.  (Tools->Templates and Add-Ins-->Global templates and add-ins (which causes Normal.dot to have a dotted border indicating selection; space chackmarks it; return OK's the change.)  The template appears to load fine, adding a few macros (zoom in/out) and a custom toolbar.

This has worked fine for several years*** but is annoying.  Is there any idea why this doesn't auto-load any more, and how to get it to do so again?




*** but it actually stopped recently reading in Normal style, which I address in a separate topic for discussion

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