Why does markup keep turning itself on?

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Markup and all edit history keeps turning itself on whenever I open any document. This is the second time I've had this problem. It seems to happen when I have an outdated Microsoft Word. I've not had the problem for some time, but I'm now having the problem again on my work computer. Unfortunately, I can't update it because the version is locked by my employer. However, the solutions I am looking for are two fold. 

1. I want to remove the edit history without removing my friend's comments. When I opened a document to email it to my friend for his comments, I didn't realize that Microsoft word just randomly turned on markup and all edit history, so he read a bunch of my story that was really outdated and I had already polished and edited. Now he has sent it back to me with his added comments and edits. I would really like to turn off markup and get rid of all the edits that are several years old, but I'm not sure how to do that without removing my friends comments and edits that he added.

2. How do I permanently disable markup/edit history so that it doesn't keep randomly turning on when I open documents on a new device? This erroneous feature is so enraging. I would love to avoid this problem in the future. I've already lost hours of work and my friend read 60 pages of a story that was an outdated version, and I don't want to make him do it again, so any help in avoiding this problem would be appreciated.

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