What is this and how is it done?

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I'm a teacher and while reading one of my students’ papers I found this (the colors).
It seems to be some kind of hidden text. I can read it in Google Docs. But in word it is hidden. I can get word to read it to me, but the text is hidden. It seems to be some kind of attempt of hiding a text, so it would not get noticed as plagiarism. Does anyone know how that is done. 

Skærmbillede 2024-04-18 131207.png

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@Lasse_Vestergaard If you upload a copy of the document, or at least that part of it, we will investigate the issue.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP How do I upload a document in here?
Well I have link for the document instead.

I can see, that if i download the document from the link, the hidden text gets revealed. i have to download it and open the document in the word program, not web based word for the text to disapear, as seen in the screenshot.

@Lasse_Vestergaard When you click on Reply, you will see the facility that allows you to "Drag and drop here or browse for files to attach. 



While I can access the document at the link you provided, due to the language of the interface, I cannot see how to download the document.  However, i do not see the object about with you are asking and in its place there appear to be several pages of text with an irregular line spacing.




Okay, I don't get that drag and drop option. But I noticed that if I dragged the file it did show up. But it claims that it does not support .docx or .doc

Maybe I don't have clearence for uploading documents?

It is correct that the text starting with Alberte, shows up, when the document is shared or opened in web based word. 

But thank you so much for trying Doug, appreciate it.