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Screenshot 2024-06-17 163953.pngI have uninstalled office, reinstalled office. I have even updated the office apps and then I have ran quick repair. I have checked for any add ins that can cause this issue. For some reason my selection options for the VBA and the Macros are all greyed out on Word app. I cannot use the VBA as all the options to make changes and personalization are all greyed out.

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Are you in a corporate location with an IT department. They may have set things to not allow macros.

Check your Trust Center Options under File > Options > Trust Center.
Do NOT check the box to allow all macros.
No IT department. I've already checked the Trust Center.

@brettkennedy I cannot tell what type of document you have open, but, if you open a blank document and have it as the active document, what do you then see in the Project Explorer window of the Visual Basic Editor?

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP   It's as though Word doesn't know where to find anything. When I open the project explorer nothing is there. I get an error message saying "Could not open macro storage." before Visual Basic opens. And all the commands are greyed out... and nothing works.  I'm attaching a screenshot of the error message and what it looks like when the Project Explorer window is chosen.

project explorer.png1st error.png

@brettkennedy Try performing an On-Line repair of the Office Installation.

What do you see under File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Trusted Locations