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i need to customize the numbering style of lists in Word, i know how to add specific symbol or add characters, i know that there is alphabetical or roman lists . but what i'm looking for is to add new numbering in other languages (in english there is the first, second, third numbering - i need to make it in other languages. )



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In what language do you want the equivalent of First, Second, Third numbering?



The language formatting applied to text will determine the language used for "first, second, third," etc. numbering formats. 


it is not working with all the languages .. i'm looking for the Arabic language
Arabic Language



I see the same thing: it doesn't work with Arabic. Here, I do not have full support for the Arabic language installed (in Office and Windows). I am assuming that is required. 

i have the full support, it is my main language

@ammarata With an Arabic version of Office installed, I believe that the numbering format that you are looking for will be in this list.



for me, the Arabic version is not friendly, i feel more comfortable with using the english version.
i was looking for how i can edit the list source, or import the list from the arabic version to the english one.

Just testing now with Spanish and English as I had already uninstalled the Arabic version, if the have the Arabic Version installed and go to File>Options>Language and under Office Display language, move the Arabic version to the top of the list


Then after restarting Word, follow the procedure in

the article "How to create numbered headings or outline numbering in your Microsoft Word document" on the following page of the Late Shauna Kelly's website:


to define a numbering style with the required type of numbering, and apply that language to the Style to which you link that numbering, in the Modify Style dialog, making sure that the modification will be applied to all documents based on the template, when you then go back to the Options>Language facility and set English as the Office Display language, you can get that type of numbering when you apply that Style as shown below when I followed the above procedure with Spanish before changing back to English.








yea, it's weird to find the option or tab name in Arabic. and by the way, it's not 100% Arabic, i think i remember few options or dialogue boxes still in English, especially the advanced ones.

will try the Feedback suggestion, with no high expectations.
See my response above. I have edited it to show information discovered as a result of further experimentation.
i tried the solution, when i make the Arabic is the default display language, the Word changed to arabic, but the list is remain (first, second, etc).

the Spanish and French are already working as your first solution. only the arabic having a problem.
I am not sure if it will make any difference, but what type of Arabic are you using - Algeria, Bahrain Egypt Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya Morocco Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Tunisia UAE Yemen?
Unfortunately, No.
i tried them all