Using a Watermark Image but preventing it from printing

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I am trying to make a template for our business checks so that when the owner sends them over we can just pull up the template, put the blank check in the printer and have it come out of the printer with the appropriate info (i.e. Pay to the Order of: SoAndSo McNameyname Three Gazillion Dollars and 00/100-------).


While researching, I discovered I can use a watermark image and possibly prevent it from printing so I can have the image in the background and the text boxes in place but NOT have the image print.  Is this in any way possible?  If so, how?  I am VERY frustrated as I have been at this for 2 days between word and Adobe Acrobat and have found no viable information or solution.  Please help!  Checks go out tomorrow!  I don't want to write out 41 checks by hand if I can avoid it.  Thank you all so much!

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@johnsboxftm Investigate the Printing options under File>Options>Display