update table of contents issues

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when trying to update my entire table of contents, the line dots disappear and shorten the item/link. This is a template.


This is happening only to one item in the Table of Contents,

It should read:


but when I update my entire table of contents, it changes to:


The hyperlink still works.


This is what Microsoft attempted:

For References not to disappear in the Table of contents, we will need to set the References tile as a Heading. I have selected Heading 1. I went back to Table of Contents then refreshed the content and it is now showing as part of the pages but with no dots. I need to format that by using the TOC 3 style format in the Styles pane.

Unfortunately, the item reverted to incorrect format:






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By default, the TOC 1 style would be used for the items in the body of the document to which the Heading 1 style has been applied. Therefore it would be for the TOC 1 style that you need to reinstate the tab stop with the dotted leader for the page number.

Thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate it. Unfortunately it didn't work @Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP 

If you send a copy of the file to me at dougrobbinsmvp[atsymbol]gmail[dot]com referencing this thread in the covering email message, I will investigate the issue.
Good Morning, Doug,
I sent my document to an editor and she will rebuild my table.
Thank you so much for your response.