Trying to add a blank page to the bottom of my pages with textboxes

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So I have an assignment due on the 26th of this month, and for the last 3 days have been scouring the internet for ways on adding a blank page to the bottom of all my pages that have a resume template on them, hence only using textboxes, and being unable to "click the bottom of the screen to indicate where I want the new blank page" like everything I have seen claim to do. I have 2 and a cover page for a total of 3 pages, and unable to click anywhere below the textbox to add the new blank page to be able to copy and paste my template and continue on the second half of my assignment. Help is needed as I've been also trying to figure this out most of the day again today and should have gotten most of the second part done and handed in by now!  

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@HarleyQuinn420 Can you share a copy of the document by uploading it to OneDrive, setting it to be shared and pasting a link to it back here so that we can see exactly what it is that you have.