Trouble with Word editor/grammar Checker

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I have had trouble off and on with the editor. Today I saved a screenshot of the document that needed to be checked and the editor results that did not pick up blatant grammar errors. I had a technician from the Microsoft installation and activation team remote in and check configurations but he could not fix it and sent me here. Any suggestions?

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The problem with your document is that the content isn't editable. Your documents contain pictures with text, and not text that Word can read.


You need to perform OCR (optical character recognition) for Word to recognize the content as text. Was the document perhaps converted from a scanned PDF? 



Okay, I will try that, but I am surprised it would pick up spelling and punctuation if that is the case.



Are you saying that you intentionally uploaded, to this forum, a Word document containing a screen shot of the problem text? Well, that certainly explains why I thought you had a scanned document.


For anyone here to make suggestions, we would need to look at the original *.docx file.