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In older versions of Word, Avery provided an add-on wizard which made it very easy to fill and print any of their labels.  With Word 2019, I can still select the correct file folder label using the Word mail function, but when I go to print the undersized page using the manual slot on my printer, the text prints far to the left.  Would like some advice.  Note:  Avery customer service was unable to help me.

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@AD5908 Click on Options on the Envelopes tab of the Envelopes and Labels dialog and then on Printing Options and change the way in which Word thinks the labels are being fed into the printer.




My printer was already set to this option, and I have no problems printing envelopes this way.  In fact, it is my default.  However, it does not work with the labels.  Very strange.

What Avery Label Number are you using?

On the Labels tab of the Envelopes and Labels dialog, can you click on New Document and upload a copy of the document that is produced. If you are using Mail Merge to populate the labels, use the Edit Individual Documents destination from the Finish & Merge dropdown in the Finish section of the Malings tab of the ribbon and upload a copy of the document that is created.
I'm using 5202, Doug. When I click on the New Document page in the labels tab, the correct template comes up centered on my computer screen. However, I'm not sure what you mean about uploading a copy. Do you mean to save it? Also, at the top left of my template there was a little plus sign. When I clicked on it, it seemed as though "something" was aligned left, so I changed that. It still did not help with the printing. Thanks for taking time to try and help me. It is almost dinner time here and my family has plans for the evening, but I'll check in again tomorrow.

@AD5908 Labels in Word are actually tables with fixed cell dimensions.


What do you see in the backstage Print view. Does it show the paper size as a

Custom Page Size 4" x 6"



Does the Manual Slot on your computer allow you to center the label sheet in the center of the platen?

Yes, it does.
Yes to both questions, and I have both set that way.

@AD5908 When you click on reply, click on the Full Text Editor link




and you will see this screen with a Browse button that allows you to select the file on your computer that you want to upload. 




Use that to upload a copy of the label document.

I have no idea what you want me to do now.
I want you to upload a copy of the label document to the forum so that we can investigate the problem that you are having.

@AD5908 While there was no text in that document, if I apply borders to the table and print it to 4" x 6" paper using a Brother HL-L2340D printer, the result is as indicated in the Print Preview shown below




Try downloading a new copy of the driver for your printer from the manufacturer's website.

Will try downloading new copy of the driver. I have the latest on my computer, but it could have gotten corrupted. I use an HP Laserjet 1150...old but has been very reliable.
Installing a new copy of the driver made no difference. I notice in your printer instruction page that the custom size shows in mm. Mine shows as 4"x6". Also, what are your custom margins?

@AD5908 The dimensions are show in mm because that is the setting that I have under File>Options>Advanced.  If I change that setting to Inches, the following images show the page setup





While Hewlett Packard make reasonable good hardware, the printer drivers that they supply are not the best,


For HP Printer Problems with Windows 10, see:


Alternatively, try using the HP Universal print driver that you can obtain from:

Thanks for the continued suggestions, Doug. I hope to have time to check them out later today.
Microsoft Scan and Fix tool did not find anything wrong with my printer. Regular test page printed fine.


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