Track changes apostrophe issue

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I am looking for some advice/guidance on an issue I am experiencing with Word and the track changes function. When I am editing a document, Word is making changes that I have not asked it to do. It is repeatedly, in multiple documents, removing apostrophes and single quotation marks and then replacing them with the exact same punctuation mark. 

I have been in contact with the Microsoft tech team on numerous occasions, multiple different attempts have been made to rectify the issue, but it is still happening. 


I use and rely on Word and track changes daily for my job. I am self-employed so am currently unable to work and earn money. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you in advance. 


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Can you upload a sample document with which you have the issue.

@Abbie2160 ,

the only thing I can think of is the autocorrect option. You can ask Word to ignore certain things when checking the text.

Can you give it a try?