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I’m creating a report template for my work, and I’m struggling with formatting the table of figures, for both Tables and Figures.

1. The font in the table is taking the text formatting from the captions. I want to set it to a different style from the captions.

2. I want the position of the page numbers on right hand side of the table to be aligned with my table of contents above it. If I select the table and move the tabs, it moves the page numbers where I want, but if I add another caption to the document and then update the table, the new caption reference is aligned as per the original alignment. Some advice or links to relevant YouTube videos would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Generally, what you need to do is modify the Table of Figures style which controls the formatting of entries in a table of figures (or table of tables). 


In Word for Windows, you can use the Apply Styles pane (Ctrl+Shift+S), in which you type in Table of Figures; then click Modify and make the desired changes.


Thanks Stefan. Where do I go to modify these? Specifically the text style and tab placement? There are a number of options under the editor. Is it under the Properties on the top of the Modify Style dialog box, or the Format button on the bottom left of the dialog box?Screenshot 2024-05-02 165005.png



In the Modify Style dialog box, clicking the Format drop down gives you access to the complete list of options. Tab stops will be one of those.


Font and size can be altered at the "top" of the dialog box, as I'm sure you have already noticed. :)