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Hi everyone, 


I have just finished my 35,000-word dissertation, and everything is in the TOC. I think I've messed up all of the styles because non of the fixes work. Please can someone advise, as I need to make amendments and send to binding. Everything is in the TOC box for 182 pages. 




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WORKING WITH A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT, select the Table of Contents and then press CTR:+SHIFT+F9 which will unlink it from the source of the entries and turn it in the ordinary text.  Then delete the text that appears in your screen shot and then re-create the Table of Contents


If you cannot sort it out, upload a copy of the document to a folder that you set to be shared on your OneDrive, or Dropbox and post a link back here so that we can investigate the issue.

@Ellesha210  It is very important that in tinkering to fix this you work with a COPY of your document, as Doug said. From your screenshot, I have no idea what you are perceiving as wrong with the TOC.


It is late to be learning Word when you are this far into your project but the following may nevertheless help you:

What is messed up about your styles?

If you want, save a copy on OneDrive or Dropbox and pare it down so that you have some things in your document that appear wrong in your Table of Contents and the Table of Contents. Post a link here so we can look at it.