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In the Beginning

Technique 1: The Power of Blessing  

(There are more TOC chapters.  I do not want page nos.

The TOC I set up in my eBook in 2012 with links that went from the TOC to internal locations in the manuscript are no longer working as I updated a few items in the document.  I get a pop up saying: Microsoft Office Potential Security Concern Hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer and data, etc.  Do you want to continue.  clicking yes, get another pop up:  Microsoft Word Cannot open the specified File.  I go to OneDrive and get a msg. "OneDrive Needs Your Attention  Click Here to view sync problem.  Then it tells me to rename the doc./file and I have done that 5 times. 

I am on my MAC Air Laptop, Version 10.15.4 Catalina, using a Firefox browser.  When I saved the doc to my desktop,, Word changed the color of my font and format of my TOC, but the links worked.  Using WORD has become FRUSTRATING.  OneDrive does seem to be in a frozen loop?

Talked on phone with a Technician who checked my license etc. and all is good on that end.  He took me to this.  I hope someone can help me.  I do not like nor want the current template TOC's.

I am trying now to customize my own.  That is confusing.  Thanks.

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I think it's a sync problem, not a Word problem.

- Change of color and font: seem revision marks to me

- Warning: Word seems to think the file is already opened (by you?)

What I'd try:

- Close Word, close all applications, close everything

- Delete temporary Office files ( might help)

- copy the original file to

* somehwre else (if you are the only one to work with it)

* or a place in Onedrive you know that is synced the right way

and work on that copy.

Kind regards