Table of contents does not match page numbers

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I have split each page into two columns and each column has a page number, like a book. However, my table of contents is counting pages automatically, rather than matching them to the page number of each column. While my whole document is 80 pages, the content is from page 5 to page 160 (as I have two columns on each page). Can someone help with updating the table of contents? 

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Thanks for sharing!

Wondering how exactly are you putting the number for the page in each column?




In the left column use the following field construction


{ = (2 * { PAGE }) - 1 }


and in the right column


{ = 2 * { PAGE } }

@S_R_ca Word can only use the actual physical page numbers (albeit as adjusted by the Start Number facility) and cannot use a calculated page number as you would have for the numbering of the columns as pages.

I think that the only ways to do what you want are to convert the Table of Contents to ordinary text and then manually adjust the page numbers, or use some VBA code to compile a "Table of Contents".

Could you give a sample word file?

@Deleted I have set up page numbering on the left and right of the header in the attached document.  Toggle on the display of the field codes in the document to see the field constructions.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Thank you so much for the suggestion. What you have in your sample is what I am looking for, however, my layout is a landscape and each page is in two columns. I have attached a sample of my document. I am unable to copy what you have in your sample onto my document. Can you please advise?

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@S_R_ca I have assumed that you wanted the numbering to start on the page following the Table of Contents and I have set the Page Number Format for the first page number to be 1



The modified document is attached,